What would the world be like? ( War question )

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by AmsterdamdreamN, Mar 21, 2004.

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  1. So I\'m laying in bed, and Meet the Press, or some show like that, comes on the television. They are saying how the Bush admin. is saying that Kerry voted against invading Iraq. Well, it got me to wondering.......... What if the US didn\'t invade Iraq? Would we all have to worship Allah now? Would my fiance have to wear one of the veil thingies? There wasn\'t any weapons of mass destruction, so I feel pretty sure we were safe there. The only thing I see coming out of this \'war\' is that now a bunch of people around the world that don\'t like us, now HATE us. That and quite a few fathers, sons, daughters and mothers will never come home again to be with their families.

    The people on the show I mentioned said the only thing we are setting Iraq up for is a civil war. Unfortunately, our government won\'t leave until we get a government there the admin approves of. And the Iraqi people won\'t let an American imposed government stay as the ruling party.

    So I guess I have two questions.
    1. What would the world be like if the US didn\'t invade?
  2. if you only listened to the monkey-in-chief, you would think that if we didn\'t envade iraq, we would have another situation on our hands, like say--oh, I dont know---hmmm
    LIKE MADRID???????

    whew, its a good thing its not OUR mess, isn\'t it?

    Thanks, Monkey-in-chief, you\'ve set the world straight with your safety plan for the world.
  3. lol monkey cheif ..that cokehead does like look at chimp ..(your talking about bush right?) how they hell did we let him become our presidnet ..coulndt people forsee shit like this

    i think that coke made george a little too greedy and money hungry. maybe too bad he just ddint stick with pot ..we probably would been in a better place.

    ..GO SHARPTON/KUNICH!! :D reform mj laws and make this country a better place
  4. why the hell would your wife be wearing a burka? how does a religion spread that fast in only 3 years? first of all you yourself would have to believe in islam...
  5. The worst part of this war is all the US soldiers who had to die, and all the Iraqi soldiers who didn\'t really support the regime but died defending it anyway.

    The best part of this war is that Saddam Hussein and his regime are no longer in power, and that we are assured that Iraq won\'t attack us for a while(which doesn\'t imply they would have if we didn\'t invade)

    It\'s all subjective really. Who am I, or who is anyone to say what is right or wrong? I still think that majority should rule, and if the majority of US citizens were for the war....
  6. I dont know about you guys, but I think the war has yielded quiality entertainment

    as seen here


    and here - http://www.turboarrow3.com/oh-58d_-_jrtc_fun.wmv

    Okay, okay ill be a little more serious. In my opinion we shouldnt worry about \"What if...\", it is an absolute waste of time. We got a monkey in office, and since the guy pulled in Saddam he looks semi-good to the american public. Plus, theres a GOOD chance he may pull in osama by the elections, if he hasn\'t already. I fear Bush will be in another four years. I fear if Bush isn\'t in for another four years, Kerry will be. You know what happens if another person other than Bush enters office? Our troops will be out of Iraq within months. Which, is definatly a good thing. However, like most everything in the middle east we participate in (unless it involves isreal) we do it half-assed, quit in the middle of it, leave the people of the middle-east left to rot in a mess we made for them. Afterall, that is one HUGE reason why they hate us so much is because its EXACTLY what we\'ve done to them in the past. The US told rebel forces to march on Baghdad in the Gulf War, the US said their would be US re-enforcements. Well boy\'s and girls, the re-enforcements never came. Most if not all of the rebels were tortures/imprisoned/slaughtered. So in some ways i want Bush to remain in office because we need to finish what we started, and we SERIOUSLY need to do it properly. Bush may or may not do it properly. However, he probably won\'t do it right. But sadly he\'s the only one who wont withdraw the troops come election time, with that being said, he\'s the only one that has the chance of finishing this thing up.
  7. The majority of Germans (at the time) thought that WW2 was a good idea.

  8. Hey,and why not ?They had full employment and life was good for them.They just wanted to share with everyone else [weather they liked it or not]:D

  9. Yeah, Germany was coming out of a HUGE depression from the first WW. Thats why Hitler was so popular amung a lot of Germans at the time because he was Germany\'s way out of the depression and into prosperous times. He created tons of jobs at weapon factories in preperation for war. If you were a German at the time, I\'m sure you would have been thinking the same thing as the rest of them. Hitler was a political and war genius. He just had some fucked up views.
  10. If the USA wants a productive future, we need a revolution. Thats my opinion though. However, I doubt it will happen. The Government has so many laws, they can reach into every crevice of this country with their long arm. And Americans allowed it to happen.

  11. and it was the US gov that put Saddam in power and kept him there...

  12. Let me start off by saying the word \"aplomb\" is not allowed in these forums. hehe, I\'m just playin.

    The majority of the soldiers fighting in this war are from the US, hence our populations majority should rule, imo.

    The whole majority rules thing is still a really sticky subject in my book though. It\'s definitely not cut and dry. I mean should we really take into account the opinions of the ignorant and uneducated?
  13. And what about the rest of the world? Don\'t their voices count? The UN wanted to be involved and though I feel the UN has no power right now, it should be the ruling organ.

    The majority of germans had a nice life. They came out of recession and got new jobs. They didn\'t give a shit. Which is no excuse for not being against war. Why do you think Hitler staged the \"polish\"attack on a german radio station? Because he wanted support from a society that wasn\'t interested in war.

    Now why do you think Bush went on and on about the weapons of mass destruction? Any similarities?

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