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What would the outcome be...?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmokingRookie, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. So I want to know more about bud and growing process, etc. Pretty much this thread will lead to what the creations are. Like if I put Sour D with AK-47, what would the outcome be? Name some strains and combination of some of your favorites or not favorites.
  2. Sometimes I stick seeds up my butt before i sleep and take them out the next day and plant them. good fertilizer.

  3. No sir.

  4. and a miss :wave:
  5. lol but on the for real, like fertilizing and shit? What would happen if you mixed seeds with different seeds and different plants with different plants? Name some different combinations that you have.
  6. I put a green crack plant next to some strawberry cough and they both ended up creating marijuana.

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