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What would the older pothead of your self tell your younger pothead self.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SmokingRookie, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Title pretty much explains it. What would your more experienced pothead tell your younger pothead self?
  2. I like the thread :)

    The more experienced pothead now, telling myself, basically a care-free loving guy 5 years back.

    I would say, "Hey you"

    "Take care of yourself. You see that police station? They will try to fuck you in any shape or form possible, watch out."


    just be yourself kid. No need to impress anyone, but yourself. Take care motherfucker you" :)
  3. Always go where your money goes.
    Guess what? you're not a pothead.
    Try vaping.
    Edibles, seriously - Here's how to make 'em.
    Don't worry, the gateway theory IS bullshit.
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    Yeah, you got the idea of it lol. and thanks lol.
  5. Don't vote for Obama
  6. Take your lazy ass outside if your gonna smoke you fuckin pothead!
  7. Bet a lot of money on Fabricio Werdum against Fedor Emelianenko.
  8. Invest in Apple.
  9. Smoke more outside and enjoy your high.
    And vaping is good, saves you weed and is better for your lungs. And i would tell me how awesome it is to smoke at the pool.
    And to do whatever he wants to do and be himself

  10. chill out :smoke::smoke:
  11. Don't let jake drive when hes drunk.
    Actually go to his funeral
    Dont cut yourself
    Its always worse before it gets better
    you are loved
    you will be loved
    you will love
    enjoy your childhood
    Dont impress. Smoke less
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    Quite a bit... Here's just a few things lol:

    One, I would of said would be to make myself look more presentable. I wasn't a dirtball by any means, but I had long ass hair, a beard, baggy clothes... You know, hippie-like haha. I feel like that turned a lot of people off to me, because my junior year of high school when I finally got my hair cut and shit, more people started talking to me. I mean not like that, I was always cool with everyone and they always would say hi and shit but after I got the hair cut and shit, some of the people I was just cool with started becoming more like friends.

    Two, STOP ACTING STUPID. I did so much stupid shit when I was 13-16. Fighting, acting out, generally rebelling as a teenager would. Again, after I quit, I became more 'popular,' so to speak.

    Three, it's cool that you smoke weed but don't go out of your way to make it known. I always talked to people about it and was always very open about people knowing I was high when I was younger. It never got me in trouble, but I know that mixed with how I dressed contributed highly to my reputation as a huge stoner. Which I am, but I just wish some people that know didn't.

    Four,and most important, STOP BEING A FUCKING PUSSY AND TALK TO HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. I have been head over heels about this chick since first grade. She was my first kiss, even though it was a 'dare' in first grade lol I count it just because it was her. I always wanted to make a move, and she showed signs of interest several times. When I'm around her no lie my brain straight up shut off... I always stutter through my words or just fuck up or one way or another, and because of that, I at one point just stopped trying. I really wish I wouldn't of, even when we all graduated I had a chance. After the ceremony I found her and hugged her and we started talking, she had her sister (which at the time was also my dank dealer lmao) take a pic of us, and then I just dipped... I've fucked up so many chances to be with this girl and it haunts me to this day, she's in college 6 hours away and I'm still in our home town doing fuck all. If she was still around, I definitely would still try and hang out with her or something. But fuck, I could go on all night about this girl and how much I hate myself for letting her get away.

  13. Conserve your weed wtf
  14. Smoke more pot younger self and stop worrying about so many things.
  15. Ditch the tobacco and vape more!!
  16. motherfucker stay in school, and away from the unmentionable substances.
    but keep smoking the herb :).
  17. "Never pay 60 bucks for an 1/8th"

    It's not worth it.
  18. Wait until your 20 till you smoke, and dont worry that paronoia is only prohibition.
  19. Take a T break!
  20. Keep doing your thing

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