What would technology look like if we couldnt see but used echolocation?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by GramGilb, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Would there even be technology?

    Would we use screens that changed shape instead of colour to "see" the screen?

    These are the questions that have to be asked?
  2. I feel like their alphabet would me like Braille, and they pick up on the subtle raised versus not raised patches on a stone tablet or something
  3. that takes too much thinking. but, we probably wouldn't have very good technology. sight is one of the key things that makes us, us.... we couldn't use our brains and hands as well as with sight, so everything would be fucked up.
  4. As far as i understand, which isnt much, echolocation produces an illusionary recreation of the world in the mind just like sight/eyes do. So we would still be working with images, they would just look more like plain lines ( blue prints) but they would still animate like colored images i guess. But wait, doesnt a screen require atleast two colors for a contrast to create the image of changing shapes? I wish i could just see what a bat sees cuz honestly i have no clue. lol

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