What would taste better, dog or cat?

Discussion in 'General' started by ScottBTmaster, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. What do you think would be tastier?
  2. What kind of dog

    I think the finer cuts of a dachsund beat out cats any day
  3. Dogs because they have more meat but cats are healthier, plus their meat is stringy.

    And they say tv dumbs us down...
  4. cat is more stringy because its lean muscle and they are naturally more sinewy, why they are soo flexible...
    depending on the breed and well being of the dog, its a tender meat, kind of like a mix between a fine cut of beef and pork

  5. someone never saw "manswers"
  6. depends on the sauce
  7. :hide:
  8. cat is bomb as fuck homie...aint you never had no orange chicken?
  9. I feel like going to the pet store
  10. To all of you posters talking about how you know cat meat is stringy and dog meat is better, blah blah:

  11. [​IMG]

    Almost the same thing as a cow, right?
  12. Yes, those are words. But thats besides the point. Try watching MAnswers.
  13. I've eaten cat before. It wasn't supposed to be cat. It was supposed to be teriyaki chicken, but I KNOW it wasn't chicken. The taste and texture of the meat was WAY off. I didn't like it at all.

    Never had dog................oooorr did I????


    Maybe it was Teriyaki Terrier I ate?
  14. a catdog would be the best.

  15. I see some decent arguments for cat meat on here, but i know, deep deep inside me, that dog meat would be far more superior than cat meat in every measurable aspect of quality.

    Haha, but yeah i think dog would be better. Anyone wanna make a sales pitch haha
  16. [​IMG]

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