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What would make you quit

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jul 28, 2002.

  1. We've had all kinds of questions about when you'd quit.

    I just thought what would have to happen to make you quit.

    Being arrested?

    Maybe a new child?

    What one reason would make you say "I quit"?
  2. I know what your saying critter. My kids still don't believe that i smoke. They never seen me and never smelled it either.

    They say they don't care. I told them, if they were asked by someone if i smoke weed they could honestly answer that they do not know!

    Back to the question. You may decide to quit anytime. But what would make you quit?
  3. not being able to get ahold of it will make me quit untill my own plants grow. heh, nah, i have a hard time dealin wit a relationship unless the girl smokes. if she don't smokes and has a problem with it, den I might quit unless she's a bitch.
  4. If I got pregnant, I would quit. It wouldn't be forever but I would quit for the well-being of my child. I wouldn't put anything unhealthy or possibly harmful in my body if I were pregnant and since I don't want to take chances with something so precious, I would quit. That was an easy one.;)

  5. I believe you answered the question, critter. I know a certain someone who drinks if he isn't smokin' and he too becomes an asshole.

    In fact, I love your answer!!!!
  6. if my family, children, wife, girlfriend, career,health, or anything precious to me in my life were effected by it in a very negative way....I would quit
  7. This is what I was looking for. Critter and Nubbin have my views. RMJLs has my view as well. Although I can't get pregnant.

    Is there any others?

  8. Seeing a picture of your bare ass!!

  9. Im gonna have to second that
  10. the first thing i gotta say is towlie is the shit. I named my bong after him!

    I'd quit if i was on probation or in jail. I don't really care about my health so fuck that, i'd quit for my gf if she really really really wanted me to. and when my gf gets pregnant i might quit with her, only she wants me too, if i do keep smoking then i won't ever smoke infront of her. my dad could have a good job (well around $15 an hour), but they give random drug test all the fucking time. i won't EVER work in a place that gives random drug test, random testing should be illegal, even if i wasn't smoking i still wouldn't put up with that kind of bullshit. I'd quit smoking to get the job but if they tested me after that i'd fail. well i just wouldn't take the test and walk out.
  11. umm....well probably.......nothing cause weed is the best
  12. if i got pregnant, i would quit. or if i got allergic, and couldn't smoke pot (like that'll happen). even if i had a baby, once it was born I'd probably start again. my parents (well, my dad)smoked all while i was growing up, and i turned out just fine (puff, puff, puff, passes the joint) lol
  13. I've got a ten week old daughter in the house. I will only smoke if the nanny is going to be around for a while. I know how single moms feel having to raise children by themselves. I am lucky to have enough money to hire a part time nanny.

    Damn divorce is a bitch!
  14. Ya'all hit it right on the spot here.

    Pregnancy, for sure. People say you can smoke during pregnancy, but there aren't any facts I can see that prove that to me solidly yet, so I won't take any chances, how could I dare take that chance for my future daughter/son who would have to deal with consequences?

    And, critter put it just right. It keeps me somewhat sane and from joining the rat race, so as long as nothing is affecting that which is important to me in my life in a negative way (family, good friends, financially, myself) then I will quit, but until then I'm a ganjagirl until (if) I don't feel like it anymore..

    On a sidenote, we've decided to take a break once this bag is gone. $ is getting tight, and the crop's goin slow. Besides, I was sober for a week on vacation and I felt really good about it. So if I get a little bitchy, smack me upside the head and let me know so I can give you the apologies and love you deserve. I have a tendency to get an edge when sober :D

  15. I quit cuz I couldn't ind it anymore. NO CHOICE sucks! Oh weel, I'll just look forward to quitting quiting. HA!
  16. couldn't find it merlin? do you live in south texas?...I would think theres ample amounts of atleast mexican grade stuff floatin about....? i wrong?
  17. money is always tight here, i quit buying bags about a month ago, i just gotta hope someone will stop over and catch me a buzz. i should of been working this week, but the dude i was going to work for went camping this week instead.... errr damn him.
  18. My guy quit cuz he says he could find anymore. The only other person I know alos couldn't find me any. I remeber it being dry before but not ofr 2 months! Having not had to look for it in some time (5+ years) I'm not real sure how to go about it anymore. Have to be careful ya know. Anyway, in 20+ years that's the only thing that has made me quit!

    Great site here though! Has kept me busy all evening AND kept my mind off my predicament.
  19. "this just in! in a groundbreaking new study, a team of crack scientists have just proved that without a doubt, smoking marijuana causes ones testicles to slowly shrivel up and drop off.. starting tommorow."

    ..umm. id probably quit if someone held a gun to my head and told me to.. though thats about it :D

    maybe id quit if smoking just somehow turned into a negative experience or just general pain in the ass for me.. though i cant see that happening anytime soon, as long as i keep myself down to once a day or so (i just recently cut down from 3, 4, 5 times a day actually.. it stopped being as fun and just got stupid and pointless after a couple months)
  20. QUIT!!!?

    Paul J Jamtgaard

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