What would make you join a community?

Discussion in 'General' started by youngbeast817, Sep 1, 2008.

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  1. Brand spankin' new community with barely any members. What does it take for you to click that sign-up button.

    Or if you join a relatively popular community, what is it that attracts you to it?

    (online communities)
  2. Well i first came to GC when i was about 16 1/2
    when i was first getting into weed.
    searched for a few weeks on how to start a grow.

    i was just a guest.
    then a year or two later....i decided what the hell.....lets see how there holding up.

    Lo and Behold..... i am here.

  3. My agent got me a lucrative signing bonus
  4. lmao

    if the community was something that REALLY interested me i would join but
    i enjoy it here too much to spend time elsewhere lol
  5. :laughing:

    sky dog...loves!!!

    umm..im a forum junky...i actually belong to like 10...but i only frequent two of them now...cuz most of them were busts..as in..NO ONE ever posted and they were full of spam
  6. i joined gc probably to respond to something. and definatley ask some questions, when i was bit younger. now i only belong to this and i have a myspace. thats it.
  7. So basically if you're offered unique discussion topics then you will be interested in posting?

  8. i assume youre asking because you want to start a forum? yes, it needs to have unique topics, and a unique base of people that would be interested in joining it. one thing nice about the city is were all pretty much pot nerds, minus a few idiots and some youngins looking for some answers. which is fine. but us pot nerds are a pretty interesting bunch, and this gives us a chance to connect in a manner thats not so easy in any other medium.

    so i probably wouldnt join a forum that had a 100 members unless i knew 20+ of them personally, or had some personal ties with it. a large active community is great, but you gotta start somewhere. i remember when the city was half the size or less, and it was still great.
  9. nekkid gurl picz

    but alot of cool people with similar interests
  10. Sexual incentives!
  11. Thanks bro ! Nice words man
  12. I was thinkin about this lol. So if I have an adult section loaded w/ sauce it would attract more but what about the other forums lol
  13. hmm.. I would have to say it's the other members that attract me to this site.

    You guys are nuts and I love it.

    Keep the good times rollin'.
  14. Well Grasscity is mainly a marijuana forum.
    But we have Pandora's Box so members can talk the hot n' sloppy.
    It doesn't detract from the popularity of General or any of the other sections but it does make this place more interesting.

    Because stoners are horny as fuck.
  15. I would make sure your members follow the rules, like not posting links of other forum's websites in signatures :wave:
  16. also a very user friendly layout
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