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What would it take for you to quit weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by goodseasons, May 9, 2012.

  1. What would it take for you to quit?
  2. If it became detrimental to my health.

    Trying to have a child (which I am, soon to be doing a 3 month break prior to even trying, and staying off weed with my wife throughout the pregnancy)
    But, this is just a REALLY long t-break.

    Having to do regular drug tests for a job that paid really well, that I actually gave a shit about...that's not going to happen any time soon.

    If I went retarded and decided it was better to substitute my high with alcohol...and then went all anti-weed. Hey, I won't, but this seems to happen to SOME people.

    If it killed my sexual function.
    ...but even then if I got sexual function back, I'd probably try to take it for another spin.
  3. if i had enough money to buy all kinds of other shit
  4. I literally just stopped this Sunday cause I wanted to see if I could. I've been smoking 3 times a day for about a year and I haven't even really thought about weed or craved it these past days. So it doesn't take anything for me. I have zero physiological addiction to it.
  5. Not having any money. That's why I quit a few days ago. Ill start if I can find a decent paying job though
  6. I'd quit for my dream job. Or a shit ton of money.
  7. Maybe kids I don't want to come off as a irresponsible father and I don't mean to say you can't be a father and smoke pot. It's just my opinion that you shouldn't be a father and smoke pot.
  8. A better, healthier, safer drug that I could grow/make.
  9. Hahahahahahahahah...
  10. man my girl is currently wanting me to quit for a month and frankly it's a no. I used to toke a lot more prior to becoming in a relationship with her so I think me not being around cannabis at all is a no go what so ever.

    So frankly to quit I would have to be having kids which I don't for see anytime soon so I might quit or at least blaze less if I had a really good job offer or was offered a lot of money.
  11. I have to disagree with you, that is if you mean what I think you mean - as in, at all?
    Having used weed for quite a while, myself and the lady are about to make a huge commitment to sobriety during the 3 months before pregnancy, during, and probably for at least a few months after.
    Really, I myself only need to do it during those initial 3 months to pump up my sperm count and detox significantly...but, I'll be going through the pregnancy with her and not making it any more difficult by using weed around her when she can't - this would only be a further stress factor so between that and solidarity I won't be using throughout.

    I don't smoke, I vape and occasionally make edibles...these are health conscious ways to enjoy the herb, and discreet ways too - so even when my child is of an inquisitive age but IMO too young to be introduced to the concept, it will be a non issue.

    Neither of us plan to be stoned around the child anyways - so obviously between that and the mega t-break we'll be taking together, our usage will be decreasing significantly.
    However, it will not stop.
    We will do what we do when not in the presence of our child, and/or when they are sleeping and we've prepared for the following day - though, even then, we're not about to get so stoned that we couldn't handle an emergency situation without losing our shit.

    As it is these days, we use less than most that indulge would...after the birth of our child, it will be lower than that.
    It will still probably be frequent, but that's where moderation comes into play.
    We moderate and lead productive, honest and responsible lives now, so of course these things will only increase when we have a child in our care.
    Some people (nearly every parent I've ever observed) take a couple of drinks of an evening, we might have a vape.
    Already this child will be getting a largely alcohol free and completely cigarette/smoke free environment, so IMO this puts them ahead of a significant amount of children of parents that regularly indulge in "legal" drugs.
    I had both alcoholics and smokers in my life as a amount of times I wished I didn't.

    So yeah, when you said what you said - these are the reasons I disagree.
    If you still feel as though this would make me an irresponsible father, then I suppose we just have two different viewpoints - Yours is valid to you, as mine is to me.
  12. No one would believe me but death. I will continue to last breathe will be a massive ass RIP! I love smoking I can't stop. Don't oh health blah blah blah because no.
  13. Yea ... I plan on being baked on my death bed, so....
  14. I'm going to have to stop for med school which sucks, but I still got 2 more years thank god.
  15. A reason for me to...
  16. Needing time to get my life straight. Last September I took a 5 month T-break just because I had other shit to deal with.
  17. finding a bug in my nug
  18. honestly right now, nothing.
    over the past month i've spent all my money on it, and on 420 i was like, i'll quit after today. the next day i smoked up! ahhaha. a week later i was like i'll only smoke three times a week. three days in, i was smoking my fifth time...

    not possible for me right now. i love it way too much. :)

    BUT, more relevant to this thread... my friend's little brother just got suspended from his high school for smoking pot. well really - he greened and told the teacher he smoked.. his fault, actually but now he's quit. hahaaaha.
  19. if there was like super crazy laws like in some middle eastern country. other than that ima holla fuck the world with my chest full of smoke.
  20. I don't think it would take a lot for me, if I got caught......... I'd quit till I was out of jail at least, if I got into a car wreck I'd quit till I got out of the hospital I'm sure, if I died I'd quit all together for good. *shrugs*

    On a serious note though I'm only an occasional smoker anyways, it'd be easy for me to quit.

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