what would it really take to make weed legal in the US

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by smoketheherb, May 17, 2004.

  1. i dont know anything about how to change laws. etc.

    not looking for any comments like "it will never happen" etc.
  2. We would need to get congress stoned to truley open their eyes
  3. well ud need to tie up every political affiliated personal , smoke every one of those fags a blunt and then let them judge for them selves. Because until those fawkers try it they will never say yes to legalizing weed
  4. personally i would not like legalized weed because then it would become like the tobacco industry and get lots of additives and shit in it
    decriminilazation would be better
  5. For the USA I would like it to be like it is here in Alaska. We have a privacy law saying that what you do in your home is your own business. We can also legally own less than 4 ounces as long as it stays in our home.

    However, I think that if it WAS legalized then scientists could come up with some bomb ass weed.

  6. ??? people wouldnt buy weed with shit in it trust me :)
  7. it would take alot to make it legal i think....because all the political affiliates that are keeping it illegal are getting a cut back from doing so from the big illegal dealers....they are making way to much money......crooked world lol

    but ya i think if they did make it legal scientists would experiment and make some sUPEr ganJ
  8. The largest pot smokers rally in the world and the whole tying up everyone in the government and making em smoke it till they are blew out as fuck
  9. What it will really take is like 40 years, when there will be a new generation of politicians,i think they will be more open about the idea of weed, whiich is really starting to be accepted in society...most young people know weed is not bad, even those who dont smoke it.

  10. what about this tho


    Alaska Court Denies State's Appeal Of Legal Pot Ruling

    November 20, 2003 - Anchorage, AK, USA

    Anchorage, Alaska: The Alaska Court of Appeals last week rejected the state Attorney General's request to reconsider its August 29, 2003 ruling that adults may legally possess up to four ounces of marijuana within the privacy of their own home. The Appeals Court based its decision in that case on a 1975 state Supreme Court decision holding that the right to privacy in the state Constitution precludes any penalty against private use and possession of marijuana by adults. Their decision also struck down a 1990 state initiative that attempted to recriminalize marijuana, on the basis that the initiative-passed statute conflicts with the state Constitution.

    Alaska Attorney General Gregg Renke's told the Associated Press that he plans to appeal the case to the state Supreme Court, arguing that marijuana today is stronger, and arguably more harmful, than in 1975 when the Court initially made its ruling.

    NORML Executive Director Keith Stroup called the state's allegation absurd, noting that Article I, Section 22 of the Alaska Constitution, reads "The right of the people to privacy is recognized and shall not be infringed."

    "The minimal risks posed to society by the responsible adult use of marijuana in the privacy of one's home does not provide the state with legitimate reason to override the Constitution," Stroup said.
  11. if 51% of the US Senate voted for marijuana to become legal, would that make it legal.

    i know that sh!t will never happen, but is that how it works.
  12. ...theres always the religious fanatics too, which is a whole nother story.
    i dont see it happening anytime soon, but fuck it im movin to canada eventually
  13. potheads dont move just stay put in us and create offspring potheads. strength in numbers even if u cant count cause ur to high

  14. im with him ^^^ just try to convince as many people as you can the truth about pot, not that propaganda bullshit the gov't. spews out. UNITE!!
  15. What it would really take to legalize weed is to stop the "war" on drugs. The war on drugs is just a cover so that non drug users in the USA think drugs are bad, while the drug users will pay high prices for illegal drugs. Where does that illegal money go? The CIA, Wallstreet, the world's banking system. So to legalize weed would mean lower prices because it's easier to grow/get, so the people who are really supplying/smuggling a lot of it and making the most money, stand to lose quite a bit of dough. Therefore, weed will likely not be legalized any time in the near future.....
  16. only when domestic violence reins out of control and riots fill the streets will weed become leagal because the cops r to busy shooting out canisters of tear gas to protect the "innocent" [/rant]
  17. i think most people just have a mindset that is instilled in them from a young age so they dont really know any better. everyone should smoke a blunt then try to say its a horrible thing. it is a gateway drug for some people though

  18. old news dude, we're voting on decriminalizing marijuana this upcoming election in november. Yes on prop 5!
    read it

    also, the case of Ravin vs State which allows us to have 4 ounces or less is still standing.
  19. The US would have to find a new way to arrest/lock people up for no reason first of all. Then the government would need a way to profit off Weed distrubution. So probably some sort of Card that you have to pay for? So if you get pulled over with weed and you dont have the card, you still get a ticket or jail?

  20. Uh.... that basicly says that at the time (2003) it was legal for us to poses in our homes etc, but that our evil attorney general wanted the alaska appeals court to reconsider about having it legal and make it illegal again. Which they didn't do. Although the group/s that were trying to make/keep it legal screwed up on the paperwork that had to be submitted, so they (gov) made it official that we can't have weed in the privacy of our homes because of the federal laws that supercede our state laws. Now, this year I hope they don't screw it up, because if our pothead politicians and groups can not forget to fill out the paperwork corectly, it WILL be decriminalized in our state, on our property. I gurantee it, as long as we follow the shit to the T, the gov wont have any reason to deny it.
    I'm sure the last time we tried to get it officially legal, it was a minor and simple error, but the gov just wants any posible reason to turn something like that down.... but hey, either way, I'm still gonna smoke the herd. nobody will ever stop me from doing that, it's my freedom

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