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What would it feel like to just smoke pistils?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 乔庆龙, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. [​IMG]
    The role of pistils is to capture pollen. According to online data, CBD is concentrated in pistils. So what would it feel like to take the pistils off buds and roll up a joint? Would it be heavier than the strong stonger from indica weed?
  2. Seems like you're going to have to do that experiment yourself and report back, mate.
  3. [QUOTE =“Joker1121,帖子:24830796,成员:920733”]似乎你将不得不自己做这个实验并报告回来,伙计。[/ QUOTE]
  4. And where have you found such data? Never heard.
  5. On the Chinese shopping website, the owner of the bubble bag told me.
  6. You must be mixing pistils and trichomes. Two different parts of the flower.
  7. Pistils: Hair on buds, a female cannabis plant (originally Milky white, partly red or yellow when buds mature); buds: Thc resin (sticky trichomes, where Thc is concentrated) or buds'"white hairs on the outside of false seed pods."
  8. Trying to take these hair out of buds carefully until you can make a joint and see what it feels like is laborious and boring, but I'll try.
  9. In fact, it's not good to buy high-quality weeds on the Internet in China nowadays, because there are too many cheaters in recent years. These "junk and shit cheaters" cheat people everywhere. They cheat money, they have weeds in their hands but don't deliver. So I can only use the local ditchweed, which is usually seeded outdoors, so that the pistils are very short (almost invisible to the naked eye), but when I prune, they will fall off. I will extract them from the leaves separately and then suck them up to report the results. (Our network tells me that the pistils are rich in C.) BD, if it's not nonsense, I think I'll get a heavy stonger?), these plants mature in mid-September, when I will post.
  10. CBD does not get you high. And it is in the trichomes just like THC.
  11. Our country Yunnan also produces CBD oil. In the winter of 2017, I put 6 grams of dry sift hash (using ditch weed, which died in December, I could see some crystals on the buds, but smoking didn't feel anything). I used six grams of homemade hashish made from butter and water to make cannabis tea. In the middle of the night, it brought me heartbeat, panic, red eyes, instability, thirst, auditory hallucination, and trembling all over. These symptoms also appeared on me, and I was afraid to feel like I was dying! It kept me asleep for about 18 hours. I hardly woke up halfway. When I woke up at 6 p.m., my urine was filled with the color of Hashish tea (all I said was true). When I woke up, I felt sick. Sitting on a stool or standing up, I felt like I was floating in the sky. At the same time, I still feel a little restless, sitting on the stool for a while, and then I fell asleep again, until the next morning to go to work (during which I still feel uncomfortable, some standing unstable)... The terrible tea brought side effects to my body until the afternoon of the third day (the first night I drank it, the next day I couldn't go to work, and the third day I was asked to go home and rest in the afternoon by the office leader). Only slowly began to fade! No excitement, I guess that's the feeling of CBD overdose. It didn't really excite me, but almost scared me to death (infinite anxiety and panic), something terrible!

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