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  1. Hello Growers and learners! As I look online I noticed nothing but false or less then legitimate information being tossed around by people that are apparently considered "renowned Led and Horticulture lighting specialists" After reading tons of false or non-complete studies that lead to false conclusions in which many use as a foundation to their grow room lighting. I found out that the main source of everyone's information is non other then the same source of information that boosted Booty Burple lighting for all those yrs. It was no surprise to me that the same man went from one extreme to the other, going from promoting Burple to now White LEDs for horticultural use. Wow! Really folks? How's it go? Fool me once Shame on you, Fool me twice, Shame on me?
    Not to be Dramatic but this false or misleading information has already cost losses that are equal or in excess to the financial losses related to the Opiod Epidemic of i had to guess. No JK.
    They did it right though. Got everyone to believe lil bits n peices of false info over the yrs so that now Unsuspecting Growers actually believe that a Lamp used for Horticulture/Growing should actually be rated by its electrical efficiency and that's pretty much it. Price is not a considerable factor to me regarding such lamps because it doesn't matter. I won't buy a toilet to replace a stool. Saying Efficiency is Based on Power use because they've already What? Learned and understand Spectrum? Yeah right, Not even close or its being withheld (I believe the latter) Believe it or not, I've yet to see but one company rely on actual results to determine the effectiveness or Efficiency of their lamps and they seem to keep their knowledge Propriatorey to all but their Clients. Anyone with experience using them understands.
    Those regurgitating the commonly accepted understanding of Spectrum have not tested these conclusions against Common Sense solutions. Literally Common Sense using just the poor information about Burple and white that is readily available to us.
    So, my question to Growers is Simple.
    If you could buy a light that produces approximately 25% more yield of Flower that is anywhere from up to 15% higher THC, Twice the Terps/Cannabinoids, more color, smell, bag appeal and desired bud structure, as well as consistently dragging CBD/G/N out of Stubborn strains or those normally very low in these things. Not done yet though. Say this Fixture does all this while using approximately 60% less electricity then the Highest Efficiency, most expensive (or not) lamp available and provides you with healthier plants that are much easier to grow and especially transition. Also, consider the light coming with specific, Recomended instructions and one on one, hands on support during your whole first grow using the lamp to ensure you achieve these results.
    Whether you believe it or not, I ask that you Hypothetically understand & or believe what I'm saying to draw this conclusion. What would a light like that be worth to you. Oh yeah, IP-66, & the standard 50,000 hrs use before recommending replacement along with the 5yr bumper to bumper warranty & modular.
    What would this be worth to You Personally?
    P.S. : This is not advertisement or peddling.
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  2. Where are the studies that were done to prove this? Lets see them. What kind of umol/s is that light putting out. With a name like Fullspec, it sure sounds like you are trying to sell some shit.
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    Idk. I was curious as to what others would pay based on what was said if they were to hypothetically believe it or know it as a fact. Like if a regular bar light is say 800. What would something that performs to the listed results & features be worth? Maybe someone paid a chunk for a light and is curious as to other’s opinions based on the information provided. No need to mention brands Because it’s not relevant to the question.

  4. Santa got me a Migrow Array 8 thats 2 of the above and Im wrapped, after double then triple checking the specs, it arrived and even more improved than the marketing spin, been on 2 days and already way ahead of the 600hps, total for both units 500 true watts, from Eire too
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  5. Well, damn Vee, you must have been a good boy this year. :thumbsup:
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  6. So everything is hypothetical? You might as well ask if everyone wants a million dollars.
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  7. Nice!!! That dude is crazy sharp, like Dr Bruce with an accent and less baked lol
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  8. .
    Hypothetical for those that dont believe they can actually do better or understand the question. Lol
  9. You directly said it is hypothetical.
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  10. Wouldnt be worth anything to me. Ill be running bulbs at least 10 more years.
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    previous models of the array, had Migrow stamped into the support plate between the lamps, this weekend the support, this version I have has just a printed words of Migrow thus keeping the structural ability,
    it was spotted by a grower about 6 months back, talk about listening to your customers?

    day 3 or 4 I'm still taking care of the heat, seems about the same as my old 600w hps

    I was wanting the upend 'SpiderFarmer' that everyone has, but they are a little overpriced here
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  12. Whats wrong with white light? Your post doesnt conclude with much either ? I dont get what you are trying to say.

    I would not pay for the option to call a lamp guy for support when the entire internet is available.

    Maybe someone would like to be handheld through their first ?
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  14. They are super efficiently built I saw and heard from a friend. Meaning nothing more then what is needed is there. Kind of skimpy he said. Aren't they an odd size too? I didn't like the way he designed the wire to stick straight up. Totally ruined the tight quarters/low profile potential. They never made supplemental for that rig yet? Plenty of space to split it up evenly. Hopefully, eventually when he hears B.B. say other wavelengths or useful maybe he'll be one of the early innovators of afterthought supplemental and spread the color out evenly almost like he meant to do it haha! Not this two strip per 8 or 6 bar BS they offer folks.
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  15. Really? Are you in Alaska? DLC wanted to take do off the shelf last yr. Think they gave growers 2 more yrs from then tho I could be wrong. pretend they are already obsolete IDK, use your imagination. If you compare your bulbs to today's popular LEDs I understand why you stayed.
    Ok so just take all the bennifits listed & double them roughly. If you were going to upgrade would you go for the norm for $X amount or be willing to pay $Y amount more?
  16. the fact mr Migrow was on BB's yt page was a deciding factor, and I agree about the thick vertical cables all 12 ft of them it be impossible in a tight grow space ..my Array 8 is in fact 2x array 4's, the latter accommodating a 2x 4 ft space so I got 2 for my 4x4ft area, all 8 lights can be broken down and use as independent units, very handy to tackle plants of different heights,
    I solved the heat issues today and its holding temp much easier than with the HPS

    but it is early days,
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  17. Modularity is a plus. It is a slick looking unit. 12' cables, are the drivers remote? What was your heat issue and how'd you solve it?
  18. I've 2 single desktop? fans blowing air around with 2x 6inch outlet fans,
    lights are 6 inches of the plant top tips, and I hung the drivers vertical on the exterior wall,
    nice and toasty warm ...good for germing too,
    all knobs for now are at low settings of 25% at max, plants are about a week old
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