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What would i ask for if i want the least amount of paranoia?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sc0pe, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. In the last year or 2 weed has increasingly putting me into a state of mind that makes me think about fucked up things, sometimes i get stuck in these thoughts for several hours

    weed used to be fun for me and im not sure what has changed, but if it is the weed, what is the most mellow type i can ask for?
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  2. Maybe you are better off not smoking at all. It's definitely gotten stronger over the years. If you have the option and access I would try a high CBD strain, maybe 50:50 ratio to THC and see what that does.
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  3. I agree with jme02100, I use CBD drops because THC did make me paranoid and I get a test every three months from the Doc. I can tell you that CBD does work and the strain AC/DC has a lot more CBD in it than THC. Just my thoughts, since you like to smoke maybe you can find that. I am in a state that does not allow....but I know that AC/DC was made because it is high in CBD and low in THC. Hope that helps. It is really bad to have bad thoughts or be paranoid about going outside. Just my opinion. Just a thought.:hello::ladiegaga:

  4. i love this picture(without even playing the vid)
  5. There's nothing to ask for. There isn't type 1 weed that makes you more anxious and paranoid, and type 2 weed that does not. If that were the case, nobody would grow type 1 weed. The thing is, it's all in your head. One of the things weed does is, present you things that you need to be dealing with but aren't. So while I have no idea what you're high little brain is freaking on, there's something there that is something you need to deal with to put it to rest. That's how it works.
  6. I actually think certain strains exacerbate issues rather than reveal anything. Ive only had 2 panic attacks on weed. 1 was just smoked too much. And the other was when a fucking devil Dr had me almost die on paxil and the weed just fucked me. have severe anxiety and not just the thought of it possibly exacerbating but I take one hit and initially I get a lot of head and body tension little increase of anxiety. Then shortly after some clarity for a little and then just straight exhaustion on top of the existing exhaustion already. Im already in 247 panic but whatever i smoke just males it uncomfortable. But I don't have access to specific strains and just get what I get and it f ing sucks. I'm sure and indica or high cbd would help for sure.
  7. What do you normally smoke, hybrids, satvias, Indicas? From my expierence I feel that satvias cause the most paronia, hybrids are in the middle, and Indicas the least. (Well at least for me). If I were you Iwould try a nice pure Indica strain
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    Finding an indica is my issue. Its all no name. But from what I feel when I smoke is probably a hybrid
  9. CBD isn't illegal. You can order CBD drops online or likely buy it locally from a smokeshop or some place.
  10. Cbd cannabis is illegal where i am. The cbd hemp is like drinking wheat grass without the health benefits. And you would have to drink half the bottle to get the same effect as the real cbd cannabis oil.
    Look up an article called
    " hemp oil hustlers" won't buy it again

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