What would happen?

Discussion in 'General' started by willy_nelson, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. What would happen if you mixed alcohol and vikadin?

    What's the worst that could happen drowsiness? or is it fatal?

  2. The worst that can happen? it'd stop your heart from beating.

    benzodiazapines and alcohol do not mix.

  3. Vicodin isnt a benzodiazepine. That and alcohol will kill you. Hydrocodones and alcohol will fuck you up. You and your liver.
  4. Jesus Christ!! I saw "Do not drink Alcohol" on my bottle of vics and got curious.

    Also I have another question. Is it true you can crush and snort the pills to get the high faster like with Oxycontin?
  5. What about Jesus?
  6. It's not?

    ...what a mind blow.
  7. I've done it very few times...elevates your fucked-up-ness a lot, but I don't think its necessarily worth it...but yeah it really isnt healthy and I wouldnt reconmend you do it unless your really confident about your health

    I like adderall or muscle relaxers when I smoke though...but most prescription meds mixed with alcohol are pretty bad (yet fun(ish))
  8. Pills and alcohol dont mix. Its like burnin holes in your stomich.
  9. u dont snort vics silly, they have too much tylenol in em or somethin, i think haha. i'm not a pill popper/chrusher, just a plain ol' weedsmoker. naw mean!?
  10. ^^^

    Yeah, they contain like 1% hydrocodone (or oxycodone, I forget), and 99% asparin. If you want to snort all that asparin, go for it. But I'd rather just pop it.

    And drinking and taking Vicodin's will mess you up. Vicodin's increase the effects of alcohol three times or something to that degree. So pop three Vicodins, drink ten beers, visit the E.R. Or something similar to that. I don't know, hah.
  11. ive done it before ..took a few shots of vodka was all though.... get fucked up.. but didnt die or anything. ..but ya they have that label on teh side of the bottle for a reason..... i dont think it kills you ..just multiplys the effects of both drugs/..
  12. ya if your rail (snort) pain killers---esspecially ocycodone, and oxycotins--they will fuck you up (in a good way that is...lol)
    also you can snort muscle relaxers-and adderal as well (I don't like adderal though--it keeps me up all night)
  13. one thing i always remebered when i got into the whole prescription drugs thing.....


    how? you might ask. well first off alchohol is a depressent and so are most pills (except for uppers like ritalin) and when you combine then you get a super depressent which if it doesnt kill you would be extremly lucky to go into comatose.

    i had a friend that died this summer because he thought it would be "so fucking awesome to mix percocets with rum" and god, was it awesome...
    he passed out on his bed and stopped breathing in his sleep and his parents found him the next morning dead.

    next time you think about mixing pills and booze, think again

    Rest In Peace adam
  14. i thought it was.. cuz isn't valium the same as vicodin? (diazepam=valium)
    ah who cares..

  15. Valium is diazepam, vicodin is hydrocodone (bonds to hydrogen, as opposed to oxycodone which bonds to oxygen).

    Don't snort vicodin like you would oxycontin. Oxycontin is pure oxycodone, whereas vicodin is hydrocodone mixed with tylenol (vicuprofen is hydrocodone mixed with ibuprofen). I mean, you could blow it, but from personal experience it's too much work for too little results. Just pop them.

    As for mixing vic with alcohol, I wouldn't recommend it. It will definitely fuck you up, but it's really unhealthy (possibly fatal). One of the best experiences I've ever had was with a friend on a 4 hour carferry to michigan that left at midnight with some oxycontin, valium, vicodin, ambien, cpt. morgans, skye, and weed; but in retrospect it was probably one of the most unwise things we ever did.

    Basically what you should take from all this is that potheads have conflicting information and you should do some research before you mix drugs (start with Erowid).
  16. No man, valliums are different.
    And for who ever said Vicodin are OxyCodone... OxyCodone is a generic name for OxyContin... but thats besides the point.. you can drink on vics, just not a whole lot.. I usually pop four 5's (500s) or 2-3 750s... hardly drink on them, but i smoke on them.. Adderal and weed is the best mixture =)!
  17. Valiums= Anti-Anxiety
    Vicodin= Pain medication

  18. OxyContin is a brand name pill which contains oxycodone, so OxyContin is a generic name for oxycodone. The most common other drug that contains oxycodone is Percocet.

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