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What would happen if you ate 15 super potent cookies?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by dalulz, May 14, 2011.

  1. I've heard of people eating just one cookie and end up going to the hospital. They say they have trouble breathing and feel very, very sick.

    What if they ate 15 extremely potent cookies in 10 minutes?
    -What would their high feel like once it hits them?
    -Would they die (probably not, but it might be a possibility)
  2. you'd probably throw up and get WAY too baked
  3. no possibility of dying?
  4. probably end up throwing up and passing out
  5. Sir, please watch the union. But i dont think you could finish 15 cookies before your baked. You wouldnt want more. You would want cheetos you would want to do your work,relax,be happy.


  6. The Union

  7. how many millennia will it take to realize you can't OD from ingesting weed?

    It takes 50 pounds of weed, dropped from 100 feet to kill you :p

    I've eaten more than 15 potent cookies at once. Back in my wealthy days, a pound a week was nothing.
  8. Lol, i know right? Wikipedia is dank. All the teachers in my school say "you cant use wikipedia because people change the information"
    I use if for like every project, lol. Even if the info is wrong or changed it sounds legit as shit.

    I still think like 90-95% of wiki IS legit tho
  9. none.

  10. :eek:

    I do hope your being sarcastic. A pound a week? where did all that wealth go? into the pounds?:laughing:
  11. They would be very high.
  12. you would get extremely high for about 15 min then pass out as it increases
  13. Unless they contained 100 pounds each, you wouldn't die. Otherwise you'd get onto a rocketship and get blasted off to mars :smoke:
  14. You will see god.
  15. I would green da fuck out. Hell, even 2 super potent cookies and I would probably just try to sleep it off. Edibles are strong shit, I don't fucks with em too much even though I love the crazy body high, it's easy to overdo it.

  16. Not true, its very easy to eat 15 cookies before you even feel high as it take 40 minutes or longer for it to take effect, you would eat them and then in bout 30 minutes be like WTF JUST HAPPENED?!@?!@#?!@#?!@$
  17. It'd be like some dose, you wouldnt know what you had gotten yourself into until you had gotten there.

    Eating 15 edibles, regardless of what they are would probably keep you stoned for like 3 days hands down. Especially if they were my cookies yo

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