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What would happen if i gave a drug dog a weed muffin

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Bwade, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. if i gave a drug dog a weed muffin and it got high would i still find drugs n shit or would it be chill:D
  2. Successful stoner is successful
  3. How many weed muffins have you ate bro XD
  4. Question of the evening
  5. id say if the dog could move it would still be able to smell.
  6. It would be like

    "Wtf am I doing this shit for? THROW ME THE FUCKIN' BALL!"
  7. animals can very easily overdose on weed. their bodies are not like ours.

    also, dont think this belongs in the incredible edible herb section lol.
  8. lmao, paradox of the week?
    i think i could smell the bud, but would trip out because HE smelt like bud, which in his mind would mean he IS the bud...

    become the bud...
  9. hahahaha i dont think weed muffin would stop it from smelling it, it might even work for the worst.

    If you REALLY dont wanna get caught by a dog you can do what smugglers did in WW2. Because the everyone was feeling and Jews were ordered to death, they all needed to flee, so boats were made with compartments that held these run-a-aways. The soldiers had german shepards that were trained to smell humans so the good sumaratan(the guy helping the people escape and was usually the driver of said boat) eventually came up with the ingenious idea to use Cocaine to numb the dogs(who have more than 100 times sensitvity to smells than humans) nasal cavity, therefore making the dog not be able to recognize what it was smelling for a short period of time.

    The boat drivers would use hankercheifs and put cocaine all over it so when the dog smelled him/her, it would also inhale cocaine and history was made.

    im ripped and enjoy teaching people interesting things hahahah God Bless :smoke:
  10. I remember reading a book as a child about that. All I remember of it was a girl bringing a lunch to someone that contained butter (forbidden). A coke kerchief stopped dogs when she was caught. Wish I could remember the name.
  11. What's the practical nature of this question?
  12. It would be like man your gonna get in trouble for breakin GC rules, but I really appreciate the favor.
  13. They've never even been able to kill a lab rat with direct injections of THC so I doubt a weed muffin would kill a dog
  14. Ok, this is weird. When I clicked on this thread, it only showed "what would happen if..." and I immediately thought of the book If You Give a Moose a Mufifn. Then I read the whole title when it loaded and I laughed so hard.

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