What would happen if I didnt fill these Percs with water

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  1. I know that it will be harsher on my lungs but will the chambers clear quicker ? [​IMG]

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  2. Seriously not even one reply

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  3. youll get higher

  4. just by lookin at that bong i can tell it has a fucload of drag... why get a bong and not fill the percs?

    sell that shit to some retard and buy yourself one thatll actually work well
  5. I dint understand the nature of some of these questions that pop up on here? Really!?

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  6. You tell me, I have never owned a bong with more then one perc.
  7. a worm hole will open up. Green tentacle penises will come whipping out. They will drag you to your doom. A doom I will leave to your own imagination.

    Jokes aside, it won't have as much drag. Each chamber when filled with water creates a vacuum when you're hitting it. The more chambers with more water, the more drag you'll have. It will give you a more airy type of hit. It will feel like it hits easier. It will still suck to clean regardless of water or not. Enclosed chambers are a mother bitch. Best bet is to blast hot water through it after each session. That's my 2 cents....
  8. Probably create a black hole.

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  9. Whats a bong that works well? I havent had a bong in quite awhile an all these new ones seem the same interms of smoking, u get tha same results lol anyway can u recomend a few that work well either for u or that u have used

  10. It won't work as well. Use it as intended. The draw will be harder and the smoke harsher.
  11. I realized the only reason it wasn't ripping good because the downstem was clogged now that it's clean I fill the perks and it clears 5x as quickly

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