What would happen if a cop found this site?

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by MidnightToker06, Nov 11, 2002.

  1. I would have to arrest you all.....
  2. lol lol lol HAHA
  3. Join us! Peace and Love :)

  4. i'd have ta say he'd get one wif and and have to lite one up, it's natural, instincts...
  5. There's nothing illegal about this site.

    Even when people have typed "I'm smokin' a doobie." or "I have a kilo in my hand and the Columbian drug cartel is just leaving my house." It's not illegal.
  6. freedom of speech!... Know your rights!
  7. I'm sure there are a few secret cop-toker members here aye... probably some quite reputable ones too... :smoking:
  8. A cop can 'investigate', say print EVERYTHING you posted and cross reference to triangulate your position to kick down your door with a warrant. Haha probally not but who knows what a person will do with lots of free time.
  9. i bet they already have pigs roamin through here
  10. yeah prob so
  11. Are you kidding me they have myspace police lol why wouldnt they have DEA agents or any drug enforcement agencies looking on here and all the other forums just in case ... u never know... what with the whole Patriot Act thing we really dont have any more rights when it comes to what the government wants to do
  12. we don't talk about dealing on here, so theres no reason for them to want to charge anyone with anything. all grows are for medical or personal, we rarely see a commerical grow here.

    they might check out sites like this every so often to see what where up to, like what new grow tech where using and whatnot. but i doubt they would go through all the trouble to get someone that just has some personal.

    i wouldn't worry about posting on here unless you were a big time hustler

    also i've seen other pot sites, that had a bunch of pics of commerical grows, so i think if they went after a site they would go after them ppl.
  13. Does that mean you?

    Im sure there are cops that smoke weed. But it just seems so hypocrtical, how can you become a cop when you smoke weed when you know what all your co-workers are doing to your fellow weed smokers?:confused:. I heard are story on the radio where one of the hosts on 107.7 if you live in the seattle area talked about a time he got stopped by a cop when he had weed. He had like 5 j's and the cop said well Im taking 3 of these, and the radio host was like, well im glad you are only taking 3, but wouldnt you need to take all 5 for evidence, and the cop said something like "tell you what ill take 2 and we'll say this never happenned.
  14. To the cops creepin' on here, fuck you.
  15. dam pigs *snort snort*
  16. :hide:
    fuck you too man

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