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what would get you higher

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by weedIneed, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. my glass bowl or a home made bong?
  2. Depends on how well the homemade bong is built. If it is leak-free, with a good bowl and screen then I would have to say the bong.
  3. most likely your glass bowl.

  4. it would consist of a water bottle tape pentube and a socket
  5. Whichever one has a bigger bowl.
  6. What it's made of doesn't really matter, it is how airtight your tape seal is.
  7. Actually the bong will get you more high because you would be smoking tape and plastic lol. you need a metal tube instead of a plastic one, i would suggest one of those tire pressure checkers that Obama handed out during the election.
  8. alright ill just try to tape around the pen tube as tight as i can
  9. homemade bong? why bother?

    you have a glass bowl.

    oh, to get higher?

    stop being so greedy.
  10. Hit the bowl.
  11. Dude just use the pipe home made bongs are for kids dog. and if even a little bit of plastic melts its extremely toxic.

  12. Hey man, to each their own, but don't talk shit about homemade bongs! It's kind of fun to see what you can make out of everyday materials.:D

    But I do agree that burning plastic isn't particularly good for you, so I would have to say to the OP that it would most likely be a good idea to use the pipe instead.

    Whenever I make a bong, I always use a bowl and stem made from a 14mm socket and a short piece of copper tubing. I seal it with electrical tape (stretches the best, keeps a good, tight seal) and I don't really worry about plastic inhalation because:
    a) All the tape is on the outside and won't get inhaled even if it melted, and
    b) The socket doesn't heat up enough to melt the tape anyways.

  13. if youre 15. :D
  14. id use the pipe. so then u have resin. i like to see it build up. and scraping it later.
    and rolling a shit ton of resin on black and milds. hahahaha i love doing that shit. its great.
  15. Well there's a difference between a water bottle with a pen stuck through it and an actual home-made bong. In my opinion at least, I've seen some crazy toking tools in my days. My friends actually just made one with a fan in it, it's ridiculous.
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    Sorry, I tend to listen to Jesse McCartney when I'm retarded fucking high. Dont ask.

    NOTE: Post is unrelated to thread.
  17. Hit the bowl man. Don't waste your time on that thing. I made one for shits and giggles and it was pretty decent, but, I prefer the bowl over that p.o.s.

  18. Damn man, if you could get some pics of that it'd be decent, don't know how you could incorporate such a thing into a homemade bong:smoking:. And yeah, what you said there I agree with entirely.
    Didn't mention it in the last post but yeah I try to be creative when I make a piece. Like for example one time my friend and I made a bong out of an old acoustic guitar we got for $3. Didn't work very well but it was something that always got attention from other stoners just from the novelty of it.

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