what would cause this

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  1. started to notice this a couple weeks ago seems to be getting worse.. 20190817_140646.jpg 20190817_140629.jpg 20190817_140638.jpg 20190817_140623.jpg

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  2. Me thinks fungus. What kind of fertilizer are you using? Have you used any herbicides?
  3. Hey there... I don't want to sound insulting, but a couple of questions might come off like that. If so, I apologize early.
    In the pics I see two things that give me concern.
    First is the dark, icky looking stuff in the tray where the plant is sitting. If this is runoff, get the plant up out of it and drain the tray. (I really hope that is what you were doing when the pic was taken)
    Second is the pipe sticking out of the bucket.
    I assume this is intended to ensure the water gets to the bottom... IF you are watering through there, you are not cleaning the soil above the end of that pipe. Capillary action will draw water up above that level, but not enough to wash out the used up salts.

    This kind of damage is pretty typical of salt burn... Salt burn is typically from either insufficient water to flush out previous salts, or letting the plant sit in the effluent.

    The fix is to get the plant elevated out of the water in its tray and to give it a good flush... In your case, I would remove the pipe (assuming it is for watering), flush with at least 5 gallons of water over about 4 hours... (pour a bunch in, let it soak, pour some more, let it soak and so on.... removing the waste as it runs through the soil.)

    The damaged leaves will never recover, but it shouldn't get worse.
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  4. ya i got rid of that water right there. i made those buckets friend reccomended.. but switching to fabric pots after all this.. . my first grow in them were pretty good but having alot of problems with them.. i just had to transplant one the other day... ill give them a flush thanks... so i guess it would be a fungas then??..

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  5. sorry salt burn.. lol.. crazy how many different factors come into play when growing cannabis.. pretty fun hobby seems like a shit ton to learn..

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  6. Ph level might be off or nutrient deficiency.

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  7. so how important are ph levels.. just curious.. do outdoor growers ph hose water or rain water...

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  8. In containers, very. In the Earth, somewhat, but with the availability of essentially unlimited root zone, not quite so important.
    The pH of one's growing area partly determines availability of many nutrients. At some levels, certain nutrients are readily absorbed while others are completely unavailable.
    When growing in a container, the variations that can occur are quite large and happen pretty fast. There isn't the "buffer" that a few thousand cubic yards of soil provide.
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  9. One of the first questions people ask when there’s leaf problems is have you checked the ph? That’s because if your ph is off, it can create many different types of problems. And you wouldn’t check just the water. Usually ph problems are coming from the soil not the water. The good news is it’s pretty easy to fix ph problems. That’s the first thing you’d want to check. Then it’s a question of what nutes, how much, how often and what kind of soil. How long has it been flowering?
  10. the ph was high when i checked it.. like 8 something i just neglected to ph.. didnt think it mattered that much but i was wrong lol.. so i flushed it today and got it out of that water.. its been flowering for about 2 weeks.. the soil im using is this organic soil called natures care got in from canadian tire.. .15 .10 .15.. the nutes i ended up getting was from this hydroponics store.. it was their store brand was pretty cheap.. $15 for veg nute which is 3.-1-3.. and 2 flowering nutes that i mix together.. $15 for both.. doesnt say what is in them tho...

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  11. I wasn't going to worry about that just yet, as the previous growth shows pretty good conditions. The buildup is pretty recent.
    It is clear that the additives you are using are working, though need to be used a little differently. With the added flushes (3 to 4 weeks apart, or sooner depending on what the plants tell you) should keep the salts low enough.
    $15 canadian is pretty cheap for hydro nutes... May not be what you think you have. Can you post either a clear photo of the label, or the name and source so I can see if I can find any info about them.
  12. heres the nutes.. guy said should be good enough.. 20190819_042506.jpg

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