What would bring you to my booth?

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  1. I need ideas to attract people to a pet rescue booth. It's the NSPCA and people don't come up to the booth for information. Any ideas of what would attract you to visit a rescue booth would be appreciated. Some ideas are attractive posters with adoption information, give a way's like pet bandanas, merchandise for sale. An animal if possible. As I said, any ideas much appreciated.
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  2. Adoption board or notebook (or both) with photos of the animals available.
    Perhaps some well behaved animals present or even a petable area.
    Some mission or goal statements especially if they show the benefits for the animals and the potential new owners.

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  3. Free food, works every time.
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  4. [​IMG]

    SEX sells everytime
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  5. if you work with animal sanctuaries maybe you could have them come out with you and have a adoption there, or a interactive portion to get people to be physically / emotionally intrigued. Make it interactive. I dunno. I always see these sort of things coupled. Better to adopt and rescue than promote buying.
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  6. As others have suggested, I think having animals present would definitely attract people to the booth. Maybe you could even have some animals ready to be adopted that day! Colorful, well designed posters with simple font and language would also help. For giveaways, I know a popular idea is to have people come up to the booth and spin this wheel-of-fortune type wheel that will land on the name of the prize they get (i.e. pet bandana, t-shirt, etc.). This will definitely attract people (free stuff and fun wheel spinning yay) and it'll also give you an easy opportunity to speak with them about the rescue mission/organization. Best of luck!
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  7. honestly man, i cant think of any reason why people WOULDN'T come up to your booth. That is, if they are animal lovers anyways. I feel like either they care or they don't which is really sad. you shouldnt need to use food, sex, or any other sales tactic to get people to want to help the worlds most innocent and loving creatures but the sad truth is that some people are heartless.
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  8. I like the idea of having some of the animals up for adoption so people can have hands on time
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  9. I'm taking every suggestion to the PR person. Thank you so much.
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  10. Have you ever been to a large convention? A trend for the last 30 years or more has been to hire models to stand around at your booth.

    It sounds so freaking stupid but it works so well it's crazy. I've seen it in person and I've been the victim hanging out at a booth just to sneak pics of the unbelievably hot chick they have hanging out there.

    I've been to large Vegas conventions and the booths that have the hotties always have a herd of old dudes trying to act interested so they can check out her ass.

    Sad but true....
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  11. Find the hottest girl you can to help at the booth.
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  12. Last time I went to Vegas there was a bunch of firefighter male strippers hanging out on Freemont street. The acne on all of their traps made the steroid use pretty damn obvious.
  13. If hiring a model for the day means you get $150 more worth of participation then the $150 you spent to get her to hang out is worth every penny.
  14. I listen to this podcast and the guy is a lifetime marketing researcher. It's sort of a hobby of his. He's also a good cook and he wanted to win this chili cookoff he goes to every year. He has a good chili of course but one year to put an ace up his sleeve he hired two extremely hot models to hang out at his chili booth. He won first prize and he had both ladies escort him to the stage to collect the trophy. Funny story but totally true. They paid way more attention to his chili booth because of the hot ladies.
  15. Guess it depends on who your target audience is but the best clinics I have seen have been in tandem with local fairs, bizarre's, farmers markets and safety fairs with the support of local kennel clubs......hands on rotations like a "meet the breed" get together with demonstrations, info pamphlets and pet gear raffles.
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  16. Free food, a box of kittens, pictures of the pets available and an attractive person behind the booth wearing a low cut blouse.

    Thank you so much for running your booth =)

    I really mean it.

    "Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin'
    Tossed salad and scrambled eggs.."
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  17. The PR person was impressed. Here is her response to your suggestions-
    "These are great! I was speaking with our new Executive Director and we are going to revamp our merchandise. We are looking into getting bandanas for dogs, baseball hats, and new t-shirts. We are also starting to take animals to more events. I think new merchandise will help a lot and I will work on a poster with bright colors. I have one, but is outdated so I will revamp that and hopefully we will get more foot traffic at our booth. Thank you so much for asking around, this information is incredibly helpful!"

    Thanks everyone
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  18. Dog fighting would be a cool attraction.
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  19. Free ice cold water, beer, and simple energy drinks. Conferences get to be draining after a short time and folks will be looking for an upper, downer, or hydration.

    If your goal is to adopt out pets have good information (up to date photos, estimated age, etc) for all currently available animals plus some ones that have gone out.

    I like the idea of cheap but tasteful schwag like bandanas, tennis balls, mice for cats, etc.

    My biggest pet peeve, no pun intended, when looking to adopt an animal was the lack of up to date info on websites.
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