What would be your dream video game?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Broosh, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. honestly, you guys might make fun of me, but i think that my all-time dream video game would be an MMORPG of Pokemon.

    you might think it's funny, but think about it. running around in this huge world with all your friends searching for pokemon! not to mention the PvP that would be developed with all the pokemon. i just think it would be the shit.

    i know there are pokemon MMO's, but i'm waiting for one by Nintendo or something to take it to the next level. i'm not a pokemon fan, but i just think the actual IDEA of a pokemon MMO would be the SHIT

    whats your guys' dream game?
  2. My perfect game would be a massive, free roaming survival horror game. I remember making a LONG post on my idea when I was younger but I don't think it exists anymore. Ah, what the hell, i'm bored now so i'll type it up again:

    For hypothetical purposes, we'll call the game Primal Fear. It would be split into three parts -- Primal Fear: North America, Primal Fear: Europe, and Primal Fear: Asia.

    Environment: Depending on which game you pick, you will have the entire continent to free roam. So if you picked Primal Fear: North America, you could go anywhere in the US or Canada. Assuming this is on a future gaming system and on multiple discs, the entire area would be in stunning detail in re-creation of the real world. Every room of every building is accessable. You start the game in your home.

    Enemies: The world has been taken over by half-vampire, half-zombie creatures. You can pick how hard/smart you want the enemies to be. The lowest setting would be Romero like, slow shambling zombies. The highest setting would give you enemies that are as fast as the zombies in 28 Days Later, and as smart as humans.

    Character: You can fully customize your character's looks, then pick a profession. If you are a cop, you start the game with a gun and a police cruiser. If you are a doctor, you start with some healing items. And so on and so forth.

    Travel: You can get around any way that you could get around in the real world. You can hot wire any car you see and take that, or if your character knows how to fly a plane, you can take that. If you run out of gas in your car, you will have to siphon fuel from another car.

    Weapons/Items: You can use anything and everything as a weapon. If you need a gun, go to a gun store and pick anything you want. If you have no weapon, you can pry off a metal bar from a vehicle and use that.

    Online: Your can play by yourself, online with a few friends, or go on an MMO server where up to 1000 people can be on a continent at the same time.

    Damn, my fingers hurt... off to smoke a J!
  3. My dream game has already come out...Do you guys remember splinter cell for xbox live?? That game was the shit especially Pandora Tomorrow. After that it started going downhill online especially with Double Agent!!
  4. Sounds like a sick game, I'd love to see that idea implemented into a real game.
  5. I would love to be blazed to a vampire RPG game, straight hardcore assassin muthafuckaz, when I ain't killin' no one I wanna do my shyt wit my vampire boyz Entourage style. Be able to smoke bluntz in the game. Ha somethin' like that I guess.
  6. Elder Scrolls 5, the way Bethesda wants to realise it in all its gaming perfection glory:)

    Only without the glitches one would come to expect from Bethesda.
  7. That's essentially the same as mine, but replace all the horror-themed stuff with post-apocalyptic gameplay elements. Like Fallout 3, but incomparably better.
  8. ocarina of time

    besides that, A war game that's full of horrible gore and perfectly captures the fear of war.
    No one would probably play it though.
  9. Just a completely non-linear free roam game.
    You get to design your character completely to the point where you can make an exact replica of yourself.
    Then, in a free-roam world roughly the size of a province/state with all the towns and wilderness included..
    You could just do whatever you wanted.
    Buy houses, gamble, skateboard, shop, murder, do drugs, get hammered, drive vehicles, hotwire vehicles, robberies, assassinations, bombing, building, sex, work for the police, as a maintenance worker, deliver drugs, preform surgery, cook food, clean, swim, etc.

    Just basically be able to live a truly realistic second life with no consequences to your actions.
  10. I want a game with lots and lots of free roam a big ass country with 5 continents and you can travel anyway you want car,train,bus,skateboard,bike etc. and also the weapons would be like any weapon in real life and you would have missions to do but they are optional and also you have to make your character survive as in you have to let him eat,sleep and stuff like that. basically you live the life as you want do what you want to do kinda like GTA and stuff like that but a little more updated. Robberies would happen and also murders its kinda like the sims but not anywhere near that game play more like Gta game play. this type of game may sound boring or just like GTA but think about it, its a game where you choose what you want to do and there is so much detail in it, it feels like its real you can make your character learn like hot wiring cars,meet people,steal,kill and you can make him either good or bad you can get him jobs if you want but you can go anywhere you want just think of gta but with much much much detail and more gameplay i know this type of game wouldnt happen but shit id play it:smoke:

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