What would be your dream Career?

Discussion in 'General' started by R0Y5TON, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. The title says it all really.

    Mine would either be a professional photographer.

    Or something simple an non stressful like a Computer repairmen. :D

    Post yours!
  2. Police reporter for a major city. One that gets real deep into the criminal world and lives life with a tinge of adrenaline and risk. Oohh
  3. Professional Mixed Martial Artist.
    Professional Wrestler, shut the fuck up. I wanted to since I was a young lad.
  4. Big time actor or musician. I should strive at becoming the next white rapper. Only I'll actually try, and not just write poems about weed.

  5. At this moment as I'm really into my DJing perhaps that as a dream job.

    That or a budtender in amsterdam. Which I may be looking into soon.
  6. Hooker. Currently living my dream, walking the streets and whatnot.

    Nah, I'd love to be a K9 officer, don't neglect me!
  7. Emperor of the Americas.

    basically a military dictator of the USA, along with the Imperial Provinces of Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Venezuala.

    the white house would be rebuilt as a modern Imperial Palace and the USA Military would be 10 times its size and basically conquer the world with me as leader.

    so yeah.
  8. I have a few choices that would make my dream.

    Guitar, bassist or singer in a famous band. :)
    Graphic design artist with my own store, designingT-shirts and shit.
    Or same as you, professional photographer.
  9. The best hacker in the world
  10. definately a nba player
  11. Living it!

    Jk, sushi chef was not my dream, good for now ;)

    I would love to operate my own nursery selling/renting plants trees flowers. I worked at one in LA and was paid handsomely, I don't consider watering plants for $20+hour, work. Damn car accident got me laid off.

    Landscaping home furnishing a HUGE business! People spend 100,000k on trees in one day! For their living room! Crazy wealth in LA.
  12. a rapper! too bad im white :(
  13. illustrator or concept artist.
    If I can't get a living off art then I would rather go get a min wage job, at least those doesn't have much stress at all. Got to balance my sanity vs $!
  14. A successful writer who doesn't live off his fame. Live an isolated life with my wife and kids where nobody knows what I look like or who I am exactly really but are still touched by my ideas. Can just smoke and write all day while living comfortably.
  15. Record producer/ label owner. Ill get there...
  16. professional race car driver =] either formula 1 or rally racing...i love cars, i love going fast....i would love my job no doubt
  17. Man I went to watch the rally in Wales the other day, It was sick, Ive also started to get into F1
  18. hip hop producer, or something super peaceful, i always liked the idea of being a gardener
  19. Im in my dream career. In the aircraft industry. =)
  20. Either own my own record label, signing the music that i love, or own my own top notch recording studio, all the gizmo's and gadgets etc. Would love to go to jamaica and work with some of the current dub/reggae producers/bands, would be fucking epic. :D

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