What would be the best job ever?

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. It can be anything. Right now I'm thinking professional cookie dunker.
  2. Lead Marijuana Strain Analyst. for a company that deals seeds. O that would be fun
    Waterpipe Analyst for RooR
    scuba diver
  3. Playboy photographer
  4. Haha, fuck playboy. Hustler is were its at.
  5. Playboy would pay more...and you could chill at the mansion
  6. I would mind being CEO or head grower of a seed company (breeders choice, oh how I wish) or someone who supplied med clubs.
  7. Sitting on my ass twittling my thumbs and getting paid for it would rock.... basically what george bush does.. or a brew taster at like sammy adams would be sweet.... It would also b nice to b King of the world..
  8. I think being a professional glassblower would be awesome.

    You just make beautiful works of art all day, and they'd be functional too.:smoking:
  9. Astronaut. Seriously, I want to go to space and live there.
  10. Well idealy I would be a musician. I'd have a touring metal band, and an acoustic instrumental duo or trio. If I were able to support myself from that, I'd be in heaven.

    Something at a cool microbrewery would be awesome too.

    Or maybe one of those ancient Arab kings who sit in their lounges on pillows getting fed grapes by topless chicks.
  11. editing all major fuck flicks,,,:cool:
  12. didn't albert einstein get hired by some university, just so they could say he was on their roster? thats the kinda job I want, to be so awsome people pay me so they can associate themselves with me. hahaha :hello:
  13. I use to write porn websites for this one company I worked for.. that job was swweeettt.. Lookin at porn all day and gettin paid 4 it... I loved it, wish they wouldn't have caught me gettin high..
  14. Dunkaroos are so bomb.
  15. porn star tester...you test em, find out if their good or not

    kool-aid mixer, dude, thered be sooo much koolaid missing...i think im the only person above 18 drinking yoohoo and koolaid...

    pro bed tester...just sleep on the bed...

    radio dj always appealed to me

    sticker applier...shits phat...just stick stickers on shit...

    definately never anything working on a ladder ever again...my backs never gonna get better from my ladder incident:(

    and does anyone else think this :eek: face looks like a purple grandma...with the half smile...or maybe some sort of sick dude...
  16. i have to say a famous musician, seriously how awesome would it be to tour the U.S. and play music in front of thousands and thousands of drunk and high people.
  17. A Rock Star or a F-22 Pilot.
  18. Professional Masterbater... I would rock!!!

    Jk.. A beer tester, bong tester, headshop owner, or movie critic.
  19. Haha, now that's ballin'. Or you could be like the dude the Medellin Crew in Entourage paid not to write for them, I could do that job.

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