What would be the best dinosaur to blaze with?

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by x_sublime_x, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. In my opinion a t-rex would be a pretty badass dinosaur to smoke with. Except since he has such small arms, so i might have to light and hold the spliff. Plus he might get it all wet.
  2. Pterodactyl - I hear they love getting high. ba da bing
  3. good call, you could just smoke a pipe while flying on a pterodactyl. Thats called badass
  4. Watch out for those velociraptors..they steal your shit.

  5. i think it would be worth it
  6. Brontosaurus without a doubt. They just seem so laid back...
  7. I second that. Pretty much any big, goofy, harmless, vegetarians.
  8. that would be pretty sweet
  9. Is this really a thread?
  10. I dont really care as long as they are an Herbivore:smoking:
  11. Stegosaurus no doubt... Just because they are really badass looking. It seems like a good dyno that would always have my back when needed....
  12. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3ZuOQCqDsQ]YouTube - Getting High With Dinosaurs[/ame]
  13. awww, G-MAN beat me to the 'the whitest kids you know' clip. oh well, thats funny shit either way.
  14. Dale: OK, name your favorite dinosaur?
    Brennan and Dale: Philosoraptor.
    Brennan: Alright. If you were a chick, whose the one guy you would sleep with?
    Brennan and Dale: John Stamos.
    Dale: WHAT?!?
    Brennan: Did we just become best friends?
    Dale: YEP!
  15. ha ya i thought of this thread after watching the dinosaur rap. lol

    wkuk is such a great show

  16. [​IMG]

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