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What would be more economic, or your personal preference?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by The Scorpion, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Basically i get paid monthly, i usually put aside £200 for weed but usually go £20-30 over. Anyway at the current price i get my dope for £200 an ounce.

    The weed i normally get can be either mids or super dank but it's potluck most of the time.

    But now I've had a look elsewhere and it seems i can get kush imported from Canada at £150 an ounce

    i can also get wax (which is very rare in London) for £90 for 3.5g

    so im thinking to get like an ounce of kush and 3.5g of wax at 240 altogether or maybe 7g of wax at £180 or something

    I've never had wax before so im super excited, what would you guys recommend?
  2. If you've never had wax and it's rare in the uk then I'm assuming you don't have an oil rig to smoke it. I'd say the herb smoking wax with out a rig/nail won't be using the full potential of the wax that makes it cost more.

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  3. Actually i bought a rig and I've got a dab pen i just bought aswell
  4. Then by all means get the wax and dab the day away!
  5. i think i'll get the ounce and a few grams of wax and see how i like it.

    Could somebody give me a rough estimate on how long a gram of say 80% THC honeycomb would last someone like me who smokes about a gram a day?
  6. get that Oz, put 3.5g away for safekeeping,

    get the 8th of wax also,

    rotate, wax one day, bud next 2-4 days, wax, repeat.

    your tolerance will not raise as much, and you will appreciate your herb a bit more than if you just dabbed whenever you desired.

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