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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Lukeypoo, May 6, 2016.

  1. So I'm just coming to the end of my first grow (autoflowers)
    As a complete newb I started under t5 tubing, then moved them to a mixture of cfls (warm and white) around 600w for 3 plants

    But after reading about cfls I decided to use the 250w hps light I had kicking around

    I've already decided many things I want to change before the next grow, one thing I'm stuck on is lighting! Kind of..
    I'm decided I'm going led and I've decided on a brand, I'm undecided on whether to get two 150w's or a single 300w
    The lights in question are Advanced Platinum p150's (150w) x2 (actual 87w)
    Advanced Platinum p300
    (300w) x1 (actual 180w)

    The p150 is said to cover a area of 4.5x3.5 area
    The p300 is said to cover 4.5x3.8

    My grow area is around 4x3.5 (no bigger, probably smaller)
    So even one of these lights should be sufficient, but I feel I would get better coverage with the two p150's over the single P300 but perhaps better penetration from the the p300??

    What do you suggest?
    Many thanks
  2. never used led, but omega do a hps light which comes with a mh bulb for grow, the light is ready to go with both bulbs so a win win if abit of extra electric is no problem
  3. That's the trouble, i can almost watch my meter go down haha
    Up until I'd read about these particular leds I wasn't keen. And was prepared to spend the money on hps/mh
  4. best way to decide is just resemble nature as well as possible, the clouds dont move out of the way just for our weed to grow, as long as theres light, your good, I just wouldnt change lighting too much or the plant will react to it as if its being moved all around the country and up and down mountains and confuse it. Im a newb as well but this seems logical to me, but I could be wrong

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