What would be a good organic fertilizer?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Hello Kitty, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. I'm thinking about using dead plants for a fertilizer? or just for nutrients. What would be a good blend. I'm thinking dark green lettuce, watercress, cabbage and spinach. Should I stick to leafy green veggies? Or can I delve into red ones such as peppers, chillis and tomatoes.

    I don;t have my plant yet, I'm supposed to get a partially grown one in the future.
  2. fish emulsions work great (i probably spelt that wrong)
  3. looking for easy to use, just get the botanicare line of pro blend gro and bloom and also Liquid Karma. I use those with great results as well as molasses every 2 weeks during flowering.
  4. I would have to say fox farms ocean forest organic fertilizer with the grow big for veg and big bloom for budding.
  5. i would say fox farms ocean forest soil earth juice grow for veg and earth juice bloom, micro blast and meta k for flowering. thats what i use and it works great
  6. I use Fox Farm Big Bloom all through veg and flowering. Makes a huge difference in taste.
  7. i like to boost the mycorrhizal and bacterial activity in my soil...
    i use dr horsnbys voo doo juice, piranha and tarantula to keep things active...

    seems we all like fox farm big bloom, the earth juice line and botanicare products,i use sweet and clearex from them also.
    been hearing a lot of good things about Connoisseur from advanced nutrients. anybody using it?
  8. b'cuzz and dynagrow works good i experimented with a fert that was industrial it was a 20 35 15 but my plant smelled like the fert so i executed it

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