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What would a few prozac's do to me?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by redwingsguy, Jun 14, 2002.

  1. I have a prescription, I was wondering what would happen if I took enough to make something happen.
  2. I'd recommend not.

    You should be buzzing over your hockey team!

    Or is your name about the boots and shoes?
  3. that wuld definatly be a very bad idea.... plus prozac does nothing for you.. i was on it, its a stupid drug
  4. yeah dude, i got some of that fromm a friend last year...i say no.
  5. a friend of mine is on prozac and she said she had to take it for 2 weeks until it started working and my friend s tried snorting them to no effect
  6. Yeah, 2 weeks for them to be in the system before feeling like you found "happy pills" but if you aren't depressed then you probably won't feel much of nothin'.

    Smokinokie-I am buzzing about the Red Wings!!! I love hockey and to see each of those guys skating out with the Cup kicked ass. Good for them!
  7. If you have been prescribed prozac by a psychiatrist DO NOT EVEN TAKE ANY OF IT. I would reccomend that you see a Psychotherapist if you have any mental problems. Anti depressants stunt your emotions and get you addicted on them. Often they make the problem that you are suffering from worse and when it's too bad for you to take it you can't quit em. You suffer all types of physical health problems too- some anti depressants make you brittle boned and unable to take bright light. Beleive me- SEE A THERAPIST/COUNSELLOR WHO TALKS THROUGH THINGS AND HELPS YOU WORK OUT YOUR PROBLEMS WITHOUT DRUGS IF YOU CAN. I have seen a few people who have been screwed up by anti depressants and some who have been helped A LOT by seeing therapists rather than psychiatrists.
  8. Take a Prozac and then drink a beer. Instantly drunk.
  9. antidepressants will not make you high. people who say otherwise are liars. if they say they did it and got high it's because it's all in their heads. if you need 'em for being depressed they do help. but like someone said before. more emphasis should be given to the psycho-THERAPY. the drugs are only to keep you from going off the deep end until you can get your problems worked out through other means (therapy, etc.).
  10. lol. just for clarification... i wasn't saying you were. but it's a big thing over here. people go around and say "i took like 6 prozacs and got really messed up" and i tell them "you're full of it". lol
  11. Like everyone else is saying - it takes two weeks to even have any effect on you. When it does take effect, the only thing you'll notice is that:
    1. barely anything really pisses you off anymore, except...
    2. "sexual side-effects" aka "you can't orgasim unless you have the concentration of a Buddist Monk and 3 hours to kill"

    of course though if you take a whole bottle or whatever, you will feel something, but a lot of people get "high" and "sick" confused. Like for example, if I ate 30 pounds of bananas in 15 minutes, i'd feel really really messed up.

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