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What works best for cleaning a pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mariajuana, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Want to thoroughly clean my pipe, hoping to get it looking like new or at least close, what would work better for the resin? Alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide?

    And if anyone knows, will it work better to let it sit in a bowl of it soaking for a while or should I shake it around and stuff? Or both?

  2. ISO wash.
    Shake it around, scrape if necessary.
  3. Don't have it available at the moment, and now I realize that my supply of any alcohol whatsoever is low as well. Will Hydrogen Peroxide help at all?
  4. no hydrogen won't do anything try simple green if you have it, but iso alcohol is like 3 bucks for a huge bottle
  5. You could use like mouthwash or anything else with alcohol in it. But nothing is better than some 91% Iso alcohol and salt.
  6. alright, thanks guys, gonna walk down to the pharmacy and get some of that iso shit.
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    If it's a metal pipe scrape that shit out with a paper clip or some other similar small long pointy object, if it's glass do not do that unless you don't care about scratching your glass. Iso+Salt is great, Simple Green is great. If you really don't have any other options I'd say let it soak for 2-4 days in a high proof alcohol, anything over 60 proof should be fine, ideally 80 proof or more. I highly recommend vodka, just make sure to rise it out well. Your welcome :)

    Also if you get isopropyl alcohol get the highest percentage you can find, not 65 or 70, anything over 70 is good. Make sure you get salt too, I recommend sea or rock salt as opposed to table salt as it the particulate is larger and cleans your pieces quicker.
  8. Try nail varnish remover fellow tokers, works a treat, just rinse what you wash in fresh water and dry it before setting a flame to it, lol, steal it off the mrs, thats what i do.
  9. iso and sea salt works the best, clean in seconds.
  10. 91% alcohol and epsom salt hands down.

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