What will you tell your kids?

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  1. Well blades, a pretty large percentage of us (id like to think) will eventually meet that one person/persons that you wanna spend the rest of your life with. When/if you have kids (or if you already have them), what will you tell them, or what have you told them, about your childhood? Feel free to share some nice childhood memories or w/e you would tell your kids :smoke:

    Personally ive had such a blast and im only 20. been through most shit one can imagine my life as well. From traveling abroad since I was 8, living in jamaica, been gun threatened, had sex with a prostitute, smoked weed for 6 years, and ive written rap lyrics since I was 12.. That sums up quite a few intense moments!

    ps: Unknown is such a boss movie, jesus
  2. I'm going to be neutral on the subject until they start showing the signs (like all newbie smokers do), then i'll pull out my bong and get baked with them.
  3. I'd just keep it real. I'd tell em that most of the stuff they say about weed is fairly bogus, but to be careful because you can still get in trouble. I guess thats if I'm ever unlucky enough to ever have kids though. :p
  4. I can't wait until I have kids. It's not right to just get them baked right when you think its okay though lol... like one dude said up there ^^^ wait til they show the signs and around 16 or 17 get fucking high as hell with them!!!!!!!!1
  5. You do well in school, you can have all the freedom you want.
  6. I won't mind if my 18 year old son smokes a little green, but to be honest if i catch my underage kid doing any drugs, they're gonna be screwed. This includes alcohol, if my son/daughter wants to have a beer then they can have it with me at my house, (assuming that they're at least 16 or 17) I'll get a sixpack and we can throw back a couple brews together or something but they won't be running around partying and getting fucked up while they're still growing up and under my roof.

    But yeah, I'll probably just tell them stories about what I liked to do when I was a kid, try to relate to where they are based upon trials that I faced withing my own life and stuff like that. Man, it makes me feel like an old man thinking about this... now I'm getting all nostalgic... time flies man.
  7. I'm going to feed them brownies from an early age and blow blunt smoke into their cribs.
  8. I'm going to tell my kid to smoke weed, if he doesn't then he's grounded for a month.
  9. Please dont reproduce.
  10. If I have a son, I'm going to walk into his room and say "When I was a kid it would have taken me 45 minutes to load that porn vid!"
  11. hahaha
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    That part about blowin blunt smoke into their cribs was funny as hell dude haha
  13. When I have a child I'll already own my farm and be living in the country. We'll live a wild life filled with made up worlds and bizarre dreams. I'll teach him/her about peace and love and respect of everything. I'll tell him/her that it's important to stay true to yourself. We'll talk about religions from all over the world and appreciate art and music that seem to come from a madman's fantasies. I'll read to him/her daily and we'll make up stories when we try to go to sleep.
    Idk. Recently my biological clock has been going nuts. I think about what it'd be like to be a mom daily. I'm ready to get over it...it makes me spacey and weird.

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