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what will you admit to?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. what the most embarrasing music you own,secretly love and sing to?????

    quite some time ago i bought 2 hank williams jr. cd 's2 for like 5 bucks. HELLava deal!! im at the cashregister ( this is wally-world of coarse) and the dude (casheir) looks at me an at the cd's and actuallly says what the hecks this, i laugh and get all nervous and say it uh, drinkin music i guess.he says 'i guesss" ...
    anyhow cracked it open the other day and boy, my lil'baby was born to boogie.

    now come on people open your closets.....just a little

  2. well i dont really listen to anything in secret or anything but there is something similar me and my friends do. i will usually pick up all the girl friends and smoke out the car. then we put on 'Hero' by enrique iglesias. we all sing to it real loud. its always fun.
    will you be my hero, BAB!...

  3. worst buy ever...


    it was in the bin along tima ago though.

    but I feel validated in that my bro bought LOADS of Spice girls! hahahaha!
  4. I now know you love me..

    I look like Bocephus? when dressed up with my CB hat and clothes with boots..

    Willie Nelson, Merle Hagard, Waylon Jennings(rip), and of course BOCEPHUS!
  5. I like a lot of the old R&B and Soul music. The Temptations...

    I liked Micheal Jackson in his Thriller days.

    I like Lauryn Hill, think she has a great voice.

    Mostly I listen to rap, some mainstream and some underground.
  6. I kinda like songs from Dance Dance Revolution.....I really like 'Bye Bye Baby Balloon' lol, I'm such a geek
  7. I have never made it a secret that I listen to oldies but goldies.

    I got Blood sweat and tears for christmas

    I think I'm getting Frankie Valli and the 4 seasons for Valentine's day.

    I also have Abba, Patsy Cline, and Stone Temple Pilot cassettes in the truck. That's all I listen to except for the radio when driving.
  8. oh no... lol, i can't believe i'm gonna admit this... OLD dc talk... like back from like 92 when they thought they were rappers. i just bought the cd 'cause it's funny as hell. carman, spice girls, britney spears, and backstreet boys. i swear i'm not gay. but bsb's got some decent songs (lyric wise), and britney and the spice girls are hot, lol. i don't listen to any of this stuff anymore. but back a couple years ago i thought it was alright.
  9. well i'm gonna come clean and get this lot off my chest.....yes i have some horrors in the collection....NKOTB....yip it's bad all right!!......MChammer you cant touch this....well obviously i did and paid the penalty of having to listen to it......Vanilla ice baby and the album....nnnnoooooooo.....and the saddast of the lot....teenage mutant ninja turtles...feat bad are those?....i think i may even have more!!!......Peace out....Sid
  10. lol, these are good exactly what i wanted to hear
    no bon jovi?
    no wham?
    *glad to see jacko in the mix. on that lil note. my 8 yr old was devistated to learn he was a MAN.
    at one time i thought the spice girls were kinda cool too....dont have the cd but, uh got the
    and at one time owned a casette (my kids actually asked whats a casette) of milli vanilli, i think that mighta been my worst.
    ah, an i remember a time when the boys sang songs like 'hero' to the girls, ah....
    my stoned brain is trying to remember what song a car fulla boys sang through the drive through speaker to the whole resturaunt of burgerking for me....give me a what sweet and they had chorus an backup an didnt even sound half bad.
    wtf was it?..aaah, stand by me. sweet sweet boys.
  11. I like big band music from the 40's and early british invasion from the 60's but my main music is rock and blues.

    B.B. King

    "... not just a loss to music, it's a loss to people as a whole. The only thing that keeps me from crying is knowing the joy he brought us."
    "I've said that playing the blues is like having to be black twice. Stevie missed on both counts, but I never noticed it."

    "... he was always quick to show gratitude to me and other artists who have been around. But when it came to playing the blues he earned plenty of respect himself."

    Attached Files:

  12. Well I don't really listen to any embarassing music but my cd collection ranges from Frank Sinatra to Iron Maiden. Also i will listn to Yanni, anyone know Yanni?
  13. I love Frank Sinatra too! I forgot that I have his tape in the Big Poppa Puffmobile as well.

    I went home and looked at my ancient CD carousel. Ancient as in bought at Sears in 1988, with two gigantic speakers 3 feet tall. I had on the main man Barry White ...."ooooh can't get enough of your love, baby";, Carol King's "Tapestry" CD; Grateful Dead's greatest hits; Widespread Panic (whichever one ganjafish told me to buy); Led Zepplin's greatest hits the early year; and Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely HEarts Club Band.

    And I'm not embarressed to own any of them.
  14. i dont really listen anything i hide ... i just listen to Pink Floyd most of the time ... and when i dont i usually listen to rock and heavy metal ...
  15. one word:


    currently: Little Shop of Horrors

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