What will make me feel better?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tokamano8o, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. I took about 60 milligrams of adderall thorughout the day and of course i didnt eat anything or sleep all night. I feel like crap, like im just running on the adderall which i am. What will make me feel more engergized and better, but without sleeping because i have a busy day today.
  2. Go in the fridge, and chug 3 beers. That might center you a bit.
  3. A good natural source of energy is Guarana, you can buy a lb of it powdered for $11.99
  4. Eat something..you might not feel like you can..but just eat..not to much..but that will really help..im not sure why scientificlly, just speaking from exp.

    Or smoke a bowl, but hopefully you already thought of that

  5. Yea man i already smoked like 10 bowls! Helped a little:)
  6. Why would you smoke 10 bowls to yourself? Wouldn't that take like... an hour??
  7. no man me and my friend smoked like ten bowls from like 7 to 11 then i went home and thats when i posted this.
  8. When people drink liquor, they'll tell you straight up how much they drank. "I polished off a mickey, and 2 brewskis"

    With smoking bud, i notice people exaggurate "Yo i smoked a quarter last night" Ill hear that one often, aa few sentences later they might admit that between 4 people thats less than 2 grams. thats life
  9. my little bro does that..."i smoked an ounce once of this dank shit, i was higgh" "no you shared an ounce between a bunch of people, you only smoked maybe an 8th"...

    also as for addies, drink alot of water to the point where you drink it, and it comes pretty much right now...also nibble on something...nothing big...just nibble

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