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What will happen?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lighter205, May 21, 2010.

  1. So i used to be a bg stoner, smoked every day for three years and then i was put on probation for a year for selling shit. I just got off a couple weeks ago and i want to kow am i going to trip as bad as i did my first time when i go smoke again, or do you think i will be chill like i used to be?
  2. You got high your first time? But no youll get pretty stoned
  3. All up too you on how you want to get. Just slowly start up again.
  4. After a year of not smoking your tolerance is definitely extremely low so just don't smoke too much the first time you toke again.:cool:
  5. You'll be able to handle it if you used to be a big stoner.
  6. Youll be very stoned for a very long time, but its not going to be as rediculous as your first time because..its not your first time.

  7. Unlike popular belief most people do get high the first time...
  8. Nah, from my experience you will never trip like you did the first time. The first time is so unique bc you have no idea what to expect. You'll get real high but you will return to a normal tolerance pretty quick I'd say
  9. You'll survive, I'm sure if you were a self proclaimed 'bg stoner' back in the day, you'd know a thing or two about this.
  10. If you used to be a "big stoner" then it'll bevery easy to go past your limit. Be careful and go slow, do not get high on an empty stomachs and remember to stay hydrated during and after smoking. Remember that your setting/enviorment plays a big role in your experience[high]. Get comfortable and relaxed before you prepare the bud. Take a few hits, wait 20-30 minutes, see how you feel, and if you don't feel it then repeat.
  11. don t worry about it
    you will be fine
    3 years straight nice lol
    u will be fine
    i would do a lot and take advantage of your low tolerance hehe
  12. Keep your tolerance low man! :)

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