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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Tr4v, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. So I have 4 girls outside, about 6 feet each. Well my pops cut about 6-8 inches off each top said they were getting too high.. I live in PA started flower after the solstice so about 5 weeks. Mostly just some white hairs right now. I bent and will keep lower from here on. If no more is cut can I expect a full recovery?
  2. If your plants are now showing signs of flowering after the chop, you're good.
    You may have been set back on harvest a bit though.
    Had it been my pops, they woulda been chopped down completely...
  3. Yes, I just sucked it up, thankful to have use if his property. Thank you for the feed back, they are very healthy should bounce back nice. A week or 2 set back isn't a big deal.

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  4. The plant will probably show signs of stress since you cut so much off, but weed is known to recover within a few weeks. No worries, 6 foot plants will give you more than enough. Got any pics?
  5. Lol it'll be fine. It shouldn't show any stress honestly. 8 inches off a 6ft plant is nothing. I chopped half of my entire plant from 24inches down to 10" and it literally had no ill effect
  6. A happy plant will recover in like 15minutes
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  7. A lot of people actually do that on purpose. Dont be surprised if it starts to bush out on u

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