What will happen if you fail your first probation drug test?

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  1. I was arrested for Pos. at school for weed.The last time i smoked was on May 18. but i did again about 9 days ago and a few times more last week or so.I already went to a meeting and they said i might get 5 month probation or community service and a drug class or something.I still have to get a court date and they were suppose to callto tell me last week? Will they test me in court or right when i start probation and will happen if i fail?
  2. This is what happened to me.

    They said if I failed I would have to attend drug classes and more probation, but I I didn't fail. I've also heard that in most cases, the first one doesn't matter (Mine did because my lawyer got my charge reduced).

    But, if you pass, they won't call you to tell you.
  3. My friend failed his and the probation officer just ignored it. It varies on a case to case basis though.
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    But why did you bring drugs to school? I'm sure you know by now that it's soo not worth it when you can just wait till after school to get it in most cases.
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  7. It is a case to case basis.

    I was put on probation and wasn't drug tested until I met my PO a month after the court date. I was told on that date that if I passed the test then they wouldn't need to see me again and it would all be background checks for the next 6 months to make sure I wasn't in any trouble. If I failed I would have to report to a drug rehabilitation program and if I failed a test during the rehab it would be a violation of probation and they would revoke my Conditional Discharge, meaning the charge would not be wiped from my record and I'd face possible jail time.

    Good luck
  8. You'll be rammed up the butt by the popo.

    Naw in all seriousness you most likely will get your probation extended, may have to do some community service, and will most likely have to have a meeting with your probation officer.
  9. Thanks guys.
  10. Ya i wouldn't mess around while on probation. Ive heard they kind of expect you to be dirty the first time but it really all depends on the probation officer. They could definitely violate you if they want but they might just send you to drug class or extend your probation. Ill tell ya one thing they will probably be A lot harder on you if you fail. One time I went into my PO meeting and I guess I smelled like alcohol and my probation officer was at my door every morning for the next week on my ass checking my room and all this crap. You gotta just play the game and stay clean. It sucks but it aint worth going to jail over trust me. Good luck and be careful in the future.

  11. Alright thanks bro. well they still haven't assigned me a court date so i would think it would be at least a month or so after they tell me right?
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  13. If you fail a piss test on probation it's a violation, usually a warning the first 1-2 times, maybe the 3rd. And then after that they violate you, with jail time, a week, a month.

    And they don't piss test you in court unless your on drug court, which is for crack heads and shit usually. If you do fail just tell your po you slipped up and you won't do it again and you'll be fine.

    Be a adult man you have rules to follow and if you can't smoke then you can't smoke unless you wanna go to jail or be on probation for a longer time.

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  15. I was chillin with a girl last week and she said she dropped dirty to her PO. He called it a therapeutic relapse and let her go.
  16. They expect you to be dirty your first test if you are going in for a drug related charge.

    It depends also if you are on regular probation, felony probation, or federal probation.

    I was on felony probation and my officer didn't test me until the 3rd month because I told him I had been growing for a long time, and smoking 100 bucks worth of weed everyday has been my lifestyle.

    If they do test you the first month, they will say most likely your levels will have to have significantly dropped if you test positive again next month or they will violate you.

    I know someone overweight who smoked daily for years, and it took her almost 90 days before she was clean.

  17. hey dude if this sends you an email, how did this situation turn out? mine is very similar, and i will prob fail first test...

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