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what will get me higher? pipe or blunt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by T0kIn_914, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. right now i have about a dime 2 roaches a dutch and a pipe....what will get me higher the pipe or rolling a blunt and facing it?
  2. Just smoke it. You will get high either way.
  3. personally, I would just smoke the blunt
  4. Well, the dime will get you just as high either way, but doming the blunt will get you higher faster.

    Good luck, keep tokin'! :smoke:

    Also, questions belong in Apprentice Tokers. Thanks!
  5. Toughie man... Id go with the blunt, you wouldnt have to stop to pack the bowl. Just hit the shit outta the blunt
  6. iif i wasz you id face the blunt
    but the pipe would prob get you higher​
  7. yeh i feel like relaxing with a blunt on my balcony =] i just learned how to roll this week...
  8. where in the bx u from vic?>
  9. i would take that blunt to the head, you will be flying as high as a boeing 747 if you dont face blunts that much.

    and keep a one hitter available for the pipe, that way when you start coming down, hit the bowl one good time.
  10. a pipe. plus it conserves.

    i'd hit those roaches in the pipe for sure. save the dime for tomorrow.

    that's just me though.
  11. i was thinkin a blunt would get u higher.. considering the tobacco additon
  12. Dude, construct a gravity bong...
  13. dude blunts always get me super might have a tough time rolling a dutch though
  14. im so blazed :smoke: i smoked like 3 quarters of the blunt to the dome and theres still a big ass quarter left...saving tht for 10 was the best blunt i ever rolled...i think its cause i was alone...anyways the blunt idea was the best one....
  15. glad i could help ;)
  16. blunt will get you higher for sure, cause you cant pussy out and stop smoking it. I personally enjoy joints better but blunts are way bigger and will get you much higher than js or a spoon.
  17. dont quit that far through, blunts taste horrible once they sit.

    i always ask myself WWJD.
    meaning what would my friend john do, because he always faced blunts like a champ.
  18. You can't ever go wrong with a blunt if it's rolled properly.
  19. If you were going to hotbox someplace a blunt is the way to go. It's the only time when the blunt burning won't waste weed. Otherwise I'd go with a pipe because you are able to inhale all the smoke you can get from the weed, none is lost from it just sitting there burning.

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