what will deliver more in flowering 1000 hps watt ml or 400 watt mh

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  1. I was wondering if an experienced grower could tell me if if a 1000 watt hps system will produce the same or close to the same as a 400 watt mh system?

  2. HPS puts off more useable light, or more lumens per watt, than MH... watt for watt, HPS is a more powerful light source.

    150w incandescent = 2,550 lumens or only 17 lumens per watt

    150w halogen = 3000 lumens or 20 lumens per watt

    150w of Fluorescents = 9,000 lumens or 60 lumens per watt

    150w of Compact Fluorescents = 10,500 lumens or 70 lumens per watt

    150w Metal Halide = 13,500 lumens or 90 lumens per watt

    150w High Pressure Sodium = 16,000 lumens or 107 lumens per watt

    This is why (when people aren't using both MH & HPS for the added spectrum) you'll find more growers using HPS alone, with enhanced spectrum bulbs, than you'll find using MH alone, although the latter growers certainly do exist. :)

    Anyhow, a 400watt MH will not even come close to the production power of a 1000watt HPS.

    As far as spacing goes, in a small room or a bedroom, with low/average ceilings, you're sometimes better off with 3 x 600watt HPS than 2 x 1000watt HPS..... I don't use any fancy cooling besides a small a/c, but I still run either two, or three 1,000watt HPS myself, depending on the time of year and my temperature-situation.... ie. just 2 x 1,000w HPS in the summer bloom room, and sometimes I'll toss the extra 1,000w balast in the veg chamber, and then in the winter I'll use all 3 x 1,000 in the bloom room, with my usual 430watt HPS on its own in the veg chamber. :)

    Hope this helps! :wave:
  3. Awesome and a prompt answer!! Rep to you my friend!! I am a new grower and have a plant in its 3rd week of flower. I am using an mh bulb, should I go to my hps bulb instead?
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    For flowering? There is absolutely no contest. HPS is the better light for flowering, and you have 2.5 times the wattage of that superior lighting.

    Let's put it this way: a 400w HPS would be better than a 400w MH for flowering, so imagine how much more it wins when you're pumping tons more watts and lumens as well.

    I assume you have a grow large enough to warrant a 1k HPS? Not really a point in using that on only 1-2 plants (unless it's in a 10+ gal pot and you LST'd it through a 2+ month veg).
  5. Good catch toasty!! I wrote that wrong. And thanks for the input on the 1000 watt issue. I believe 600 will be plenty for me and maybe even 400. I will only have 4-6 plants under this light at a time but keep hearing different thing. All I want to do is be able to grow 6 healthy plants if I want to. But another issue, with 2 set ups, and lets say 1200watts being used with everything running, how much it will affect my electric bill?

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