What will cause our end?

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What do you thing will be the MAIN causes of humanity's downfall?

  1. Right wingers. (some ancient sources of wisdom have proclaimed that seperation is the path to destr

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  2. Left wingers. (some right wingers say that too much naive lovy-dovyness left wingers will allow "ev

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  3. Libertarians and Libertarian ideals

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  4. Authoritarians and Authoritarian concepts

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  5. Communism. Commies are the most evil people to ever grace this planet.

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  6. Lack of intelligence in the gene pool. Lack of intelligence in the media. and the spread of ignoran

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  7. Too much intelligence. we're too smart for our own good.

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  8. Lack of caring. ignorance. Apathy.

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  9. Too much Caring. Fighting too much in some misguided belief that by fighting and winning that will

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  10. Organised Religion.

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  1. ahhhhhh.... a poll.

    now i feel at home again.

  2. i think it will be a combination of several

    i don't even remember what all i voted for, but it will be that we are too smart, and use our smarts in stupid ways with a narrow line of sight that we care too much about and don't give a rats ass about anything else or the conciquences that WILL ensue. i think we will push our planet to the breaking point and have caused too much damage for it to repair itself in the time it takes to allow us to survive.
  3. Lack of Intelligence, Organized Religion, and Caring too much. Wow, I can relate all three.
  4. It might be me! I found three firecrackers in the shop today..LOL

    I do believe that the end will come due to.........

    Wars. I have a firm belief that a war will break out and the real weapons will emerge..

    I hope that my kids have lived at least some kind of life first!
  5. yeah... war will be the death of us long before disease manages to wipe us ALL out... but i didn't want to have options like that in this poll... more the philosophy behind what will kill us.

    caring TOO much as well as not caring enough. both can yeild just as dangerous results. It's because people didnt care about it that cannabis was made ilegal.

    ignoranceand lack of intelligence... these are the big ones. they are already happening... ignorance breeds ignorance. thick people will probably have less prospects in an increasingly intelligence driven society and so will do the one thing we all can do that would provide a feeling of worth for teh world and the species... procreate. thus breeding more thickos.. conversely, intelligent people will have too much to do in intelligence driven society and wont have time to start families, thus breeding less intelligent people. This is why i firmly beleive that lack of intelligence will be (and already is) our downfall.

    And Organised Religion... but that kind of falls under ignorance in my book anyway.
  6. I'd vote, but theres no 'all of the above'.
  7. Putting it that way.....

    I'd say ignorance would most likely be the end..

    Or maybe greed.. Greed would make the world end as fast as war.. For Iraq for instance.. The greed of Saddam is the reason his people have dies by the thousands at a time..

    I guess greed may be considered ignorance for some people though!
  8. I'd say the lack of intelligence shown by those who are using things that the human mind should have never dredged up. I'm talking, of course, about idiots or terrorists with nuclear or biological weapons. Actually anybody who uses (or in many cases, makes the use of this thing neccesary) any sort of weapon designed by brilliant men. Or made possible by the acts these brilliant men.
  9. I think that if it happens it'll be because people are getting to embraced by their selfness (?) meaning that they yhink hteir way is th4e only way and other ways doing things are harmful, evil and need to be destroyed, and when there's enough of these people in diferent sides we'll be facing an war that is supposed to be justified by all parts of it (expcet the civilians) these sides being religional, economical, territorial, political etc, etc. etc. ayways it won't be a "wrath of gods" ot anu else kind of huge massive symbolical happening it'll be an nuclear war wich ends quite soon.
  10. I don't know man, "Wrath of the Gods" describes a nuclear explosion pretty well to me. And I really don't think nukes are the way we are gonna go out. If anything, people are to scared of nukes and not nearly scared enough about biological weapons. Do you know what a strike using a strain of the ebola virus that can be aerolized (probably just made that word up) could do to a population? Especially if it went un-noticed for the first few weeks, as it probably would. Far more scary than nukes, the intial results are disasterous and the following effects would scythe through people like so much wheat.
  11. I didn't vote for any. For some reason right now whether you're liberal, conservative, or whatever it seems very unpopular to be optimistic. The nature of life is to survive, as if life itself (or evolution, or whatever it is that controls what we are) understands how wonderful or rare life is. My personal definition of life is any pattern than can exist despite environment that can also manipulate and change (adapt). We have an ongoing pattern of building up and spreading out, there are those who work to maintain and those who work to explore. Saying that the stupid will procreate while the smart are too busy doing things is wrong, but more importantly it doesn't matter. There's no single gene that makes a person smart and no single evironment that fosters intelligent thought. In fact many people that are famous for being smart were simply very intelligent in one specific way that lead to success. I believe that despite any trends in a society intelligence will persist because it isn't merely based on genetics or environment but rather is an evolutionary tool designed to take advantage of genetic anomalies. I think I'm relatively intelligent but I simply think differently and live in an environment that allows for a lot of thinking. The smartest person in the world could end up living a pointless life if they were simply born in the wrong place, just as the most mundane person could do something spectacular because they ended up with a tiny difference in their brain chemistry because of a genetic anomaly. Because the genetic line of humans is peppered with those who are different and will continue to be that way, no matter how many smart people die off there will be more to take their place or at least plant the seed of intelligence in a new generation. We both maintain and adapt to survive and we would die if we stopped doing either, some have a predisposition to maintain and others to progress and explore. If not for the few that are willing to be different we would die off or destroy ourselves. Luckily there will always be some.
  12. phunkyphil... vote for em all then, u can select multiple choice.

    so perhaps the differences between the intelligent and the less so could hold a big part in our downfall too. kindof like giving a monkey a gun. a monkey could never make or design a gun, but they could still squeeze the trigger.

    ted sed:
    people are to scared of nukes and not nearly scared enough about biological weapons

    well yeah. for less effort, biological weapons can hold more devastaing effects on a population if developed so as to be air born and easily comunicable... and as the new variation of the flu that is starting to spread the world has proven... there is a very good argument against globalisation and the dissolving of boarders. disease spread form japan to UK in the time it takes for a flight to get here. ... all the more reason for genetics and cloning research. even though that itself could hold more dangers (as with all technology).
    But i still think people are not too scared of nukes. watch Dr Strangelove again if u thinkso. it makes light of a very serious situation... a pre-emptive nuclear strike would never occur as it does in the movie, but it does have the possability pretty close. The existance of nukes gives us more reason to dissolve boarders, as no leader (of the likes we know) would ever wish to drop a Nuclear bomb on their own people. just the opposite of bio weps. maybe we could however engineer ourselves to be more resiliant to radiation like the cockroaches and thus better survive the fallout.

    I fear Nukes more than i fear bio weapons because....

    bio weapons on the whole kill primarily just humans. that's it. and does so very effectivly.
    Nukes however obliterate everything. for nearing 50 years now there has been enough nuclear weaponry to destroy the entire world... now not just the surface... but to completely scatter the matter that makes earth into the solar system, creating another asteroid belt. Maybe that's how we got here? cells of life scattered by another civilisation that destroyed itself... who knows... (a bit of topic tho - continue that theme here if u want http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=15036 ) I fear for the saftey of not just all humans, not just all mamilian life, not just all life on earth, but all matter on earth and the existance of earth itself as well as all life in the entire cosmos.

    as for what i said about the genepool and intelligence. genes, of course, only play a small part in the intelligence of an idividual. two high school dropouts who between them have difficulty knowing how to tie shoe laces could have a child capable of creating great breakthroughs in science or some accademic area. but growing up in intelligent surroundings and having intelligent parents does increase iq.
    Intelligence is far to often considered as a simple scale... thus why iq is a rather poor gauge to judge someones intelligence by. as for the maintain and adapt thing... true... but i just think there's far too many people just sitting on the side lines watching, neither maintaining or adapting. in fact their not even watching... i don't know what the fuck they are doing... they are just chatting and mingling with the others of similar kin mindedness. anyways... it's these people that will unwittingly be our downfall because they AREN'T watching, thus don't know whats going on.... thus... they are the ignorant people.
    they generally range from people who activly cause damage to those who do nearly absolute nothing.

    oh its a funny ol' world.
  13. Well after the collapse of all goverments there will be groups finishing it all off because their invisible man in the sky is the real god.
  14. The human race as it is will not die due to bio weapons. With every desease around there would be some who have died and some who have lived because they had immunity. Those immune people pass on their genetic traits to their young and so on and so on until the genes for immunity against a certain desease become so effective so as to make any bioweapon like the common cold. Basic evolution- it happened with flu.

    I reckon of all the philosophies up there that Right Wingers will end the world. Think about it. In a world where all people are equal there is no beleif that one deserves a certain peice of land/resource more than the other or that one race must be wiped out etc. So if all people are equal in rights and in status there surely would be a much greater effort to understand each other and therefore there would be no war, just negotiation.

    Hence the one thing I think we must do as a species is try to end this segregation of people- which is bred by ignorance- ignorance of other people, ignorance of their religions or cultures, ignorance of their minds. In fact it has often been said that complete empathy is the best way to acheive world peace.

    That said prejudice will allways exist in some form. Just so long as we can minimise the damage we're sorted as a species methinks.
  15. Apathy is what has stopped the world being destroyed all ready. Theirs a lot of nutters out their that have taken a gun and shot up a few ppl at random, if they wasn’t so lazy they would of build a bomb and done the job propper. The 1s that have build bombs cud of built bigger bombs, got an army together etc…

    Ignorance is what I think will kill us all. How many ppl can imagine the end of the world? I don’t mean like it is in the movies, it aint gonna b like mad max. I mean like every1 u know and love dead. Every1 u have ever met, dead. Every1 dead. U dead! No1 to remember u. It boggles the mind like trying to imagine how big space is, u just cant do it. If u could it would send u insane. War is insane.

    No1 starts a war thinking they are gonna lose it, but ppl do start wars and when they do every1 loses. I think this is the beginning of the end, it may take a year for them good ppl we voted for to kill us all, it may take ten, mayb not even a year.

    This aint a war were in, its just a battle. Win or lose it wont b the end. We cant live in peace with each other for what ever reason (see poll) so when this battle is over the war will go on. Weather we die with a bang or a cough don’t really matter. Deads dead.

    Im not gonna tell u what I think about the chance of us all being dead tomorrow, I don’t really wanna think about it. I'm gonna b a dad for the 1st time anyday now. I hate the fact that im not with the babys mother anymore, not cus I want her but because I wont get to see my little girl every day. I just want the chance to hold her 1 time b4 I die and I'll die a happy man. Would have been nice to see her grow up. Maybe, just maybe I will.

    Live for today ppl, hope for tomorrow, cus all we have at the end of the day is hope.
  16. I said lack of caring, which is obviously whats going on with Saddam's regime.

    no really...imagine. where would we be if Saddam cared for his people? no militaries would be in Iraq, except for their own, because we would have no need to be there. The civilians could live their lives like us. every day they awake, go to their jobs, voice their opinion, and basically enjoy life one day at a time. I don't know why anything else would cause an end. there have always been left and right wingers, ever since day one...yet these maniacal regimes never evolved to what Iraq has allowed.

    This all brings me to my finals statement, which could be considered unrelated. If Saddam has and unleashes chemical weapons in his own city (which is very possible), we are going to see a new rock turn in global awareness, just like on 9/11.

    these times, they are a changin'...too quick for me.
  17. left wingers can be retarted i hope they dont bring about the destruction of civilization....god help us alll...

  18. True, it's pretty scaring that they're even growing and exploring that stuff, ebola and the meat eating virus were scary enough, but there's stuff that's so much worse out there, and they're pretty hard to notice bevause they don't have an smell or taste. AIDS for example is an human made virus (basicaly) and it's allready killed and will kill hundreds of thousands of people. Well sure some religious "prophet" will link these kind of things to gods wrath, And I wouldn't consider it impossible that the "apocalypse" that happens is done by some looney religious cult (remember the sarine gas attacks in tokyo subway? branch davidian, Jonestown preacher? there's quite alot of them out there 180 000 in japan alone!).
  19. I think apathy....I know that's my problem....

    If nobody felt like doing anything, nothing would get done....society would fall apart....

    Even if just most of the people didn't care, the rest of the people would do whatever they liked, b/c no one would stop them; they don't care.
  20. I totally agree with Hempress... People will just stop caring about anything at all.

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