what/who is the situation?

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  1. i swear everywhere i go i hear jokes about the situation this the situation that, who the hell is this fag and why the fuck is everyone talking about him, i know its related to that retarded show jersey shore, i seen it once and again was shown that humans are doomed and will never reach our full potential
  2. Well if you have watched the show, and know who The Situation is.... why make a thread about it? He's annoying.....but so are other things.....
  3. u sound like ur mad cause ur a diehard jersey shore fan, i seen it once just to see that bitch get punched cause i seen it over the internet sorry
  4. Hahaha, well... in all seriousness I love Jersey Shore. It's so entertaining. Do I take any of it seriously? No. But it makes for damn good television. BTW... "The Situation" is my least favorite cast member.
  5. [​IMG]

    the situation

  6. my thoughts EXACTLY! i love Jersey Shore but "The Situation" is the definition of a d-bag. Pauly Ds my favorite for sure, hes hilarious but its creepy 'cause he's like 30 years old.
  7. Yeah dude a quick googling along the lines of "situation jersey shore" would have yielded all the information you needed.

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