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What were u like in Skool?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by weedboss, May 12, 2003.


What were You like in Skool?

  1. Class Clown

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  2. Rude Bwoy

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  3. Stud

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  4. Gheek

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  5. Dark Person

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  6. Loner

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  7. Sporty

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  1. I gotta b honest here i was a propa rebel in skool. Always gettin into trouble, alwyas gettin blazed b4 class and always gettin detentions *HEHE* i kno i could ov dun much beta at skool but green made fuck up i guess and probz the ppl i chilled wid but i deided 2 b like that. it was quality when it was a hot summers day n we'd skip skool n go smoke at the lakes. All this fun did eventually cum bk 2 me as i got caught wid 5grams ov Weed, this was in my last year i got expelled and i was waitin on whether i would b able 2 do my GCSE's or not, but lucky enuff they let me do it but i still fucked up. Well i did have 4months off education and all i was doin in that time was jus gettin high as a kite, so i guess i wasn't ready 4 n e exams. ive grown up now and seen that if i wanna b sumting i have to work 4 it sumting i didn't understand too much at the time.

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  2. i am more of a hippie. i barely wear anything but tye dye and smoke before skool. but i do play competitve soccer. i do have fun though, party a lot. i should care more about skool but i jsut dont. i dont care if i am bum the rest of my life...just dont care...

  3. i was an asshole in school.
    i was on the fringes of the "popularity & predjudice" machine.
    in my 5th year (maybe it started earlier) i changed, and started becoming a better person.


    it wasnt until my first experience with magic mushrooms that i truely began to shed my ignorance, arogance and narrow mindedness.
  4. Well, I think its hard for anybody to classify themselves into the groups you've listed, so I'll just describe what I was like.

    I played varsity basketball and was pretty good(first man off the bench), but I didn't really enjoy hanging out with the team. I liked them all, and we would of done anything to help eachother out, but I wasn't into getting drunk everyweeked, and hanging out at parties, and just being a generally stereotypical jock.

    I was in Spanish honors society, and all the AP honors things, but I wasn't overly concerned with school. I liked school, but I wasn't very disciplined about it.

    Socially, my best friends were pretty straight edge and focused on academics. I was always considered the weird one, and only a couple of my close friends smoked or drank at all. My best friends went to Yale and the Air Force. I just found these people interesting to be around.

    Thats about it.

  5. I was a class clown and not cool, early on. Then we moved from the city to a redneck, rebel flag wearin, Harley gang type hood.

    The funny thing is, the "Grits" as they were called, accepted me easier than the hard to the core "city folk". Once I was one of them, it was known NOT to fuck with me for fear of the wrath of the violent and loyal people I was seen to be a part of . I never hurt anybody though, nor did I ever “sick” my people on anybody, but they did “hit” a couple assholes in my honor though, without me asking.

    I never used that proactively to my advantage, but it sure was nice having that status back in high school. Once I knew there was little chance of getting my ass kicked without major retribution from my people, I could then start learning how to be cool. Being left alone by jocks and ethnic groups, which I will not specify, allowed me to flourish.

    I was friends with all kinds of people and it even helped some of the "less cool" people I was friends with get along a lot better too. If one of my (non-hood) friends was being picked on, all I had to do was put my arm around them and ask if there was a problem, and the asshole that was fucking with them would turn and walk very quickly!

  6. a trouble maker, and still am a trouble maker in school. ive gotten expelled once, tons of detentions, suspensions, refferals, been in the office like every other day, always getting into trouble, and i always back talk the teachers too. fuck school, i hate it!
  7. In high school, I was this extremely overweight, straight A (top of my class), band geek, church going girl that smoked weed with her cousins (yet no one else could have imagined). I went off to college, lost a 110 lbs and decided to become a goth alcoholic.

    Now, I've mellowed out (maybe it was all the run ins I've had with the law). I hate to look back at pictures of myself back doesn't even look like me. I have to say, I should have been a natural red head!!!!!!! LOL
  8. Should have been multiple choice... I was mostly geek.. not the kind that studied and all that junk.. just how other people sterotyped me as... I was also partly a class clown.. did a bunch of stupid shit, made people laugh.. probably at me.. but who cares.. peace
  9. What i should ov written for question on the poll is Which of the Following would Best Describe You In Skool. Cum on guys i'm HIGH i can't a arsed 2 think to much i decided to do a poll so i did now i guess we gotta deal with it now :D
  10. More than once I heard this announcement over the intercom....
    ***** **** " if you are in the building or on the grounds, come to the office immediatly!"
  11. I was one of those guys who got along with just about all the cliques and wasn't in one until late junior year. I got along with jocks, geeks, and everyone else except the "popular" people. They were just way too fake for me. So I kinda fit in each of the categories from time to time. Now I just categorize myself as a geek.
  12. my life story.

    as a kid i grew up in a small place above the arctic sircle in norway- my mom and dad had divorced when i was 2, i have no memory of this, but i had a insecurity issue growing up, and a big head too, this made me the target for bullying from the bigger kids.
    this made me develop comedy to escape my molesterers, note that i call them molesterers because bully doesnt describe the torture i was enduring, my worst memory from those days was beeing beaten for 2 hours, by 2 boys that was a couple years older than me.
    time went by, and puberty came, i had allways been tall for my age, and i now started rising steadly. 4 feet 5 feet 6 feet.
    i ended up on 6.2 feet tall. still skinny as hell i started training karate.
    by then my will to take a beating had worn thin, i would take it no more, and yes, the dumb fucker still had the nerve to approach me with disrespect and a futile attemt to make me his toy.
    bad fight, ending with his mother suing my family, since i was 15-, under the crime age(16) in norway.
    from there my self avareness made my self esteem rise and by the time i was 18, i joinded the army. i made it to kvartermester, equal to sargeant. i was weighing 250 pounds, and now 197 cm tall.
    but after 2 years there i realized that all i was doing there was preparing for death. i quit.
    since iwe been starting to smoke weed, and generally enjoying myself. ahh, life is good, have a smoke, ;)
  13. well i'm not really anything in school. the few good friends at school i have are all really smart, i dont really hang out with them that much outside of school (but that is going to change now that one is smoking! cool kid he is). then my smoking buddies are all a grade or 2 ahead of me.. gonna suck when there all at college :(. then i have my best friend. we just fight all the time, its fun too... i have some friends that are pretty popular but im not... which is a good thing
  14. I did'nt see more hair, less responsibility listed so I did'nt vote.:)
  15. I was an underground smoker throughout high school. I was however an open, and heavy drinker. I played football, basketball, and golf throughout all 4 years so I had to keep my smoking habits on the low low. I lived in a small town and everyone knew everything about each other. I went to a lot of parties and was pretty popular. Now that i'm in college everyone knows im a stoner and it feels a lot better not to be sneaky about the chronic smoking.
  16. Who was I? I was me dammnit!!! and they couldn't convince me otherwise as hard as they tried.

    See my post about Mind control in the classroom.


  17. i was like the loner hippie that had like 5 friends. dropped my ass out in 9th grade and got a ged. god i hated high school, its like a giant popularity contest.

  18. aint it just the absolute fucking worst!?
    fascism through a warped democracy... its a real strange social politics that i wouldnt even wish upon my worst enemys.... oh wait a minute.... they revel in it... it's their dream of a perfect society. morons.
  19. Originally posted by hippie john

    ..... i hated high school, its like a giant popularity contest.

    aint it just the absolute fucking worst!?
    fascism through a warped democracy... its a real strange social politics that i wouldnt even wish upon my worst enemys.... oh wait a minute.... they revel in it... it's their dream of a perfect society. morons.

    Both of you guys are totally right. school is just one big social ladder that people are always trying to climb. i jumped off the ladder, cause i just don't give a shit anymore.
  20. i was a geek a loner a stoner and a punk, and everyone hated me for it

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