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what went wrong, and would it be worth it to try again (differently)?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by l4m3.u53rn4me, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. so two fridays ago i made two kinda-firecrackers with this much weed (the pile of shake in one, and the rest in the other):


    i melted nutella, a little butter, and coconut oil in a bowl, mixed it, and put it in the freezer so it'd be spreadable. once it was i put it on the crackers, but there wasn't quite enough to cover all four of the crackers, so i put it down on one side for both cookies, and on the other cracker for each i put some nutella and coconut oil. then i put the weed in, put on the other cracker, and wrapped them both in foil (in their own package though). i cooked them on 320F for 23 minutes.

    they sat in my closet for the weekend, and on monday i ate one, but i didn't notice anything. the next day i ate the other one, and again, nothing :( any thoughts as to why they didn't work? i have a pretty low tolerance because i'm like 120lb and just started smoking this semester

    anyway, right now i have what i'd guess is about half a bowl. do you think that'd be enough to make a firecracker that'd have any effect on me? and what should i do differently while making it?

  2. The only thing I can guess is your concoction of all that shit just wasn't enough. I've only used all natural peanut butter (real oily and fatty) and it works great. That's about the only thing I can really recommend you try, and make sure you cover both sides so it can absorb the maximum amount of THC from the bud. You can find natural peanut butter at your local grocery store, either already packaged or you make your own with that big machine filled with peanuts.

    Good luck man, hope you give them another shot because firecrackers really are nice.
  3. It always takes at least two firecrackers for me to fell it.
  4. Hmm, I'm not sure what went wrong. Possibly the nutella and other stuff just didn't have enough fat to extract the THC?

    Next time you try, though, you should check out the guide in my signature below.

    Should help you out alot. :wave:
  5. ive made firecrackers a few times...the first couple i felt good but not real high like everyone said they were...a couple months ago i made them i used about .7 of mids with natural peanut butter (which is the best imo) mixed the weed in the peanut butter and then put it on the crackers, this is the first time i did it this way all the other times i put the weed in between the crackers. i cooked them on 340 for about 25 mins and ate all three crackers i made and i gotta say i was ripped for a solid 3 or 4 hours:D

    i think you should try natural peanut butter, mix the weed in the pb and up the temp and see if that works better cause it did for me:smoke:
  6. thanks for the input!!

    do you think butter on the gramcrackers, then coconut oil (about a teaspoon maybe?), then nutella on one cracker and all natural peanut butter (it said it was 17g of fat for every 2 tablespoons, but i probably would use about one) on the other, with about half a bowl's worth of weed in between would work? i think it's enough fat haha but is it enough weed?
  7. idk why it didnt work for you but i think your making it too complicated.

    i always make them with nutella and all i do is spread the nutella on two crackers, put the weed on one and put the other cracker ontop, then wrap in foil and bake em, they always work for me
  8. holy shit, you used that much weed and didnt even get a little high? that should be a crime..
  9. how much do you use?

    i know haha i was so disappointed. i only ate one at a time though
  10. i guess it isnt that much now that i see the quarter

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