What weird things do your pets eat?

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  1. My sister's dog eats bees :confused_2:
  2. My cat chews up headphones... if anyone leaves headphones out at my house I'm warning u my cat will feast bro
  3. My dog eats some pretty crazy stuff haha. Obviously we dont let him but he gets into stuff sometimes.Baseball and softball skins, the inside of baseballs, he's eaten parts of DVD cases, dryer sheets:(, and a lot more but those are the ones that stick out.
  4. My cat eats bananas and grapes with me :)
  5. loool this threads sooo old XD anyway my cat started eating salad not long ago I left some in a bowl an went to pee,came back an my cat was eating lettuce & tomato with ranch dressing..she even licked the bowl :p

  6. My dog ate salad tonight.... lol He also snacked on his blanket
  7. My dog eats my cats shit out of the litter box sometimes. It's pretty gross.
  8. I've seen my cat eat leaves from plants, cockroaches, tacos, grasshoppers, burritos, pastries, lasagna, and ramen noodles. She's a wild one :smoking:
  9. Chicken shit
  10. Every goddamn thing that's left on the floor
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    The male
    Uncooked, fruit.
    Cooked, Veggies: kale, spinach, chard, zuchinni, cauliflower. Most veggies, dog loves 'em

    The female
    socks, used Kotex's she fishes out of the garbage can, erasers. Basically anything she can swallow. She's a loveable whack job.

    Both are talkers. The male mostly when he wants something he'll whine & I have to figure it out. At bedtime he'll whine when he wants his bed made up, etc.
    The femal will try to carry on a conversation with you. If you keep talking to her she'll keep talking to you. It's funny to watch.

    edit: One thing I forgot, furniture, namely a $5000 dinning room set that I bought when she was a puppy. She tried to chew the legs & cross braces of of the table & chairs. Thought we were going to have to 86 her. Wife didn't think it was much of a problem, I went beserker
  12. One of my cats tried to eat paper clips...I have to be very careful never to leave any out! The same one also tries to eat her brush...

    Both my cats beg like CRAZY for anything with cheese in it
  13. My cat LOVES marshmallows. That's one of the only "human food" items he actually gets excited about.
  14. My bastard of a pup ate a nug when if fell out of my hands. I seriously thought he was going to die.. but of course he slept it off.
  15. my dogs eat out of my cats litter box. it's pretty fucked
  16. My dog doesn't exactly "eat" anything weird but she will go to town on licking carpet
  17. Carrots, mushrooms, her own shit. My dog will actually eat anything, even if it isn't edible.
  18. My dog likes to eat articles of clothing. Main;ly socks and underwear and any smaller pieces of cloth material. Also, laundry sheets. My dog is 10 months old and has had to get his stomach pumped 2 times because puppy's and dogs simply cannot digest socks!
  19. my labrador will literally eat anything. i havent come across anything she hasnt... i think

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