What weird things do your pets eat?

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  1. All my cats have liked hot cheetos.

    Especially Peter. He knows whats up. :cool:
  2. literally everything. but they are rats so...
    we have a cat who loves pretty much anything we eat....even loves twinkies :)
  3. My dog will go apeshit over cheese.

    Shredded cheese, string cheese, parmesan, mozzarella, any cheese you can think of he loves. Even the stinky cheeses I wouldn't dare eat. He loves exotic cheese.
  4. [quote name='"chimera765"']My dog will go apeshit over cheese.

    Shredded cheese, string cheese, parmesan, mozzarella, any cheese you can think of he loves. Even the stinky cheeses I wouldn't dare eat. He loves exotic cheese.[/quote]

    I think that is every dog. I have had 6 dogs in my life and they all went nuts for it
  5. My cat was extremely picky. She was VERY hard to feed, she was spoiled with fancy feast.

    When we'd come home with the generic shit she'd look at us like: "What the hell is this?" One time I tried to give her some other food, and she flat-out insulted me by turning her back to me and hissing.

    One thing she really loved was crab meat. Whenever i would catch rock crabs, I'd save a few giant claws for her to eat. I miss her =(
  6. My cat eats everything

    She eats random shit of the ground. She chews on cardboard like a hamster. She pulls qtips out of the garbage to chew on those. She loves yogurt and ice cream

    She's basically a little pig haha

  7. my cat too man!!!

    ive woken up to my cat nose and mouth buried into my ear licking away

    i clean my ears often though so i imagine she didnt get much :smoke:
  8. Well my room mate's dog chewed thru the water pipe feeding his toilet.

    I'm about to rip his fucking teeth out. He's such a bastard and it won't stop.

    But, he also likes eating magazines. Like... He'll DESTROY a magazine and finish it off. Realized this after he crapped out white stuff and when I looked a bit closer, I saw it was part of my room mate's RC Cars hobby magazine. :laughing:
  9. My cats like corn.
  10. My dog used to eat a lot of rocks. One time we got an x ray done, she had 8 rocks in her intestines and 3 in her stomache. She had to have surgery, it was fucked. She ate some pretty big fuckin rocks too
  11. My dog LOVES cheese. Any kind of cheese, she will attack that shit. Also, every time I get Subway or Quizno's, she waits for me to finish and I give her all the chicken that fell out of the sandwich.

    My cat likes licking potato chips, especially Doritos. But he never eats the chip.
  12. My tiger has developed a taste for Thai people.
  13. I had a rabbit that liked potato chips, she also ate half of one of her babies once :\
  14. I dont even need to read all the others because I know I win this one...I had a wild cottontail rabbit that drank my dads scotch...for real.
    My dad was sitting on the ground wathing TV with a glass of scotch(crown royal i believe, expensive taste lol) and bunny came over and had his share.
    Among other things like salt and vinegar chips and smokey bacon chips...o_O you got me
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    My dog used to eat whole rose bushes when she was about 8 months old.
    RIP <3

    To clarify she did not die from eating rose bushes lol she lived to be 15.
  16. My dad's old cat used to eat popcorn like crazy. His diet consisted of cat food, catnip and a little pile of popcorn whenever my dad made some.
  17. When I cut up cantaloupe, my cat used to come running, then would weave his body around my legs until I gave him some. Worst though, as someone pointed out with rope, was the thread he would play with/eat. It would be hanging out like a rank second tail, lol.
  18. My dog eats all the hydroton pepples on the floor. Also When im cutting clones, he loves to try to sneak n get rapid rooter or rockwool cube. Literally eats them. And my foam bed.
  19. Hahaha Oh god, Im picturing a dog walking around with a big thorny stick poking out of its ass.. XD

    15 is impressive for a dog.
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    My dog used to eat cables man. [​IMG]

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