What weird things do your pets eat?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by MilkyLumpkinz, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. My dogs loves nuts. Chestnuts and roasted peanuts. Also, chicken pot pie, hard candies, and toilet paper.

    She's still really selective though.
  2. My cat loves grass.
  3. Eggs

    And it's a parrot. :confused:

  4. Perfectly normal. Alot of cats like the other kid of grass, too.

    My cat loves cheese (it's dairy, oso unsurprising) but also... Marmite. Maybe because it's salty but it's so strong-tasting I thought it'd put him off.

    Marmite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  5. My mom's shi tzu loves pencils :/
  6. haha we have Shih-Tzus as well, they eat, well everything they can find on the floor. :eek:
  7. Sugary cereal. If I open the box my cat bolts in to the room.
  8. My dog has literally eaten whole deer bones (fur included). She barfed it up once and it looked SO fuckin wretched. She eats basically anything though.
  9. Earwax.

    My cat loves the shit!

  10. Soft decomposing vegetation, boiled broccoli, fresh-shucked mussels.

    Can you guess what it is? (No, not star jonez)
  11. my dog takes books of matches and eats the red stuff.. and she also likes to chew joy sticks off of xbox controllers. i also once caught her with a broken downstem in her mouth. thank god she didnt get a chance to swallow it
  12. A christmas ham joint the size of a football.
  13. My dog loves mangos and nectarines. I get him mango lassis (fruit and yogurt drink) from the Indian take away place while were out, scoot the passanger seat up and he's it's there and drinks it out of the cup holder. Cutest thing ever


    Him btw
  14. My cats go INSANE over Green Olives!
  15. My cat eats paper. Does that count?
  16. [quote name='"ToastedStrudel"']My cat eats paper. Does that count?[/quote]

    My other dog will eat paper towels if u leave them out.
  17. Carrots, pineapples , apples , celery, bananas, and they love oatmeal
  18. Before my cat went missing we used to carry her around and use her as a vacuum cleaner. The little kitty would eat every single bug she could find. Anything from a little fruit fly all the way up to the biggest moth flying around the flood lights.
  19. I would have to say the weirdest thing my dog ate was grass. Like wtf you are not a damn cow!!!

  20. His cat kibbles. Now it's normal cat food but what's weird is that it's the ONLY thing he will eat. He won't even touch the more expensive, nice quality food like those chicken with fish in a can. Ungrateful little shit.

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