What weird stuff does your dog do?

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  1. My dogs weird as hell haha. Out of no where hell come in the living room with eeryone there hell look at us and then start flopping on the ground growlig and shrieking (but in a harmlessfun way) then hell get up and rest his head on then end of the couch and just gaze at you. Haha hes awesome though. And its not that hes hungry or wants to go pp potty( idk why but i love that phrase haha)
  2. When I say "outside?" My dog runs in circles around the house an jumps at the glass door like she's on fire :)

  3. That sounds pretty cute.
  4. My dog does the same exact thing!

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  5. My husbands dog Fatty loves to chase lazers, the little pen ones and my dogs are Biggie and Chalupa. Biggie is my little man and loves gardening, and making the strangest howl/talking/yap when he gets excited and Chalupa loves to perch on my shoulder like a parrot ... I lovey furry babies !!!


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    My dog brings me shoes when i walk in the door. He will litterally look around the room for a shoe to bring me. If a door is slightly ajar he will open it with his nose(but im sure most dogs do that)
    He also eats hard candys. Is that bad for his health? Im sure its not good but is it like terrible for his health like eating chocolate or grapes.
    He will also go over the bank of a canal i have in my back yard and shit. Ive never once had to pick up dog shit in the past 7 years
  7. Besides getting high my dog sneezes in everyone's face when she first meets them. lmao
  8. Hahaha my dog sneezes when he rolls over!
  9. [quote name='"HealthcareHippy"']

    Hahaha my dog sneezes when he rolls over![/quote]

    Lol. So does mine. I flip her over to rub here belly and she will sneeze like 10x
  10. My dog will act like she has to go out, then i go by the door she runs away, comes back, pokes her head out, huffs and puffs and runs away again. If i say fuck it and walk away she goes right back to the door and start pawing and crying.

    She also WILL NOT let you touch her when you 1st meet her.
  11. My dog bites me on the nose really gently sometimes. lol She also does a funny little dance before she lets you pick her up.
  12. my sisters' dog will stand up against my dog and proceed to eat the gunk out of my dog's eyes.
  13. Has the ability to constantly eat...literally

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