What weird stuff does your dog do?

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  1. or is it... me in my dog costume :devious:
  2. Probably smells their period, not to be weird....but I feel like dogs know. Kinda creepy to be honest.
  3. my dog likes to catch flys then puts the fly so its upside down kicking its legs then she will put her chin on it and i think it tickles her, she'll get up and run a big lap around the room then do it all over again
  4. [quote name='"$neaky"']my dog likes to catch flys then puts the fly so its upside down kicking its legs then she will put her chin on it and i think it tickles her, she'll get up and run a big lap around the room then do it all over again[/quote]

    lol wtf
  5. My dog does a number of things... but one of the most hilarious ones, to me, is when it gets to be like 10:30pm, hes ready for bed.

    Our TV stand is up against the stairs so the couch is on the other side of the room. If its 10:30 and we have not started to go to bed yet, he will saunter over to the stairs and kinda stop and look over his shoulder.

    Then, he'll come back to the couch and nudge me or my wife. Then he'll go halfway up the stairs and just stare at us, over the top of the TV. If we still dont come, he will comes down and just sit and stare at us for a few minutes. He will repeat this process, slowly going further up the stairs each time. If it comes to past 11, he will go upstairs by himself and sprawl out on the bed.

    That is... until he hears any noise at all. Then he runs downstairs with this expression like 'wtf bros!? I was sleeping!'.

    ... and god forbid I dont go to bed at the same time, if I decide to surf GC or play xbox a bit. He does the whole thing over again, but with my wife already in bed.

    Mine does this as well.
  6. my dog licks his butt and penis... he does like bitches though.
  7. Chase her tail for 5 min and get mad when she can't get it Bahahahaha
  8. I miss my dog :(

    One weird thing he did was, at night, usually weeknights, he would lick the same paw for hours and hours.
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    My dog named scooby does a couple of funny\weird things

    1. He chases the sunlight that reflects off my screen door in my back yard. If you open the door it moves side to side and he'll chase it. If it just stays in one spot he'll lay down next to it and stare at it.

    2. He "talks" to you if you talk to him haha. When i wake up in the morning ill always asl him how he slept. And he growls and lays back down if it was bad or if he slept a lot he will bark and follow me around

    3. He "talks" in his sleep. He barks very quietly and growls. He also sometimes kicks his legs like hes running in his dreams
  10. My dog gets boners for beef jerky.
  11. My dog likes to smell the eyeballs of new visitors. If you get down 'face to face' level with my dog, he will require a sniff of your eyes. It feels weird, cause he gets so close but doesn't actually touch you. I can just feel the gentle sweep of his whiskers as he sniffs. If you watch him closely, this is how he meets other dogs as well.
  12. My purebred black Lab likes to walk on the top of the couch like a cat. He stares out the windows and just walks back and forth. He'll even lie down up there sometimes.
    He oinks like a pig, too.
  13. [quote name='"Mister Kennedy"']
    He oinks like a pig, too.[/quote]

    Both my Labs oink too.
  14. My dog sucks on a fake fur blanket and will fall asleep sucking on it. She also likes to take it from people who try to use it haha.
  15. I wish I cared 1/2 as much about anything as my dog cares about licking his balls...

  16. so does mine ALOT. Ive seen dogs do it but not everyday like her.
  17. My English mastiffs think that they are lap dogs...no joke the youngest of the two will honestly climb up onto the couch and lay ON TOP of you if you let her. And sometimes they sit like people on each other... And walk up to random things and put their heads on it...

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  18. Constantly smells like piss, I swear it goes down into the backyard lies on its back and urinates on itself.
  19. One of my past dogs (now passed away rip) Rocky used to chase the clothesline, we have a triangle clothes line (one that rotates and you can adjust the height, made from steel) He didn't pull the clothes down but when it was spinning he ran around it and jumped up and snapped at it, never reaching it though.

    My dog curly, when you throw a stick for him, he gets it he swings it around and tries to break it on the ground, sometimes spinning round and round and thrashing the ground with the stick. such a fucking awesome dog.
  20. My dog buddy likes to throw his bones or whatever you he has across the room, I've gotten hit in the head a couple of time when I'm chillin on the couch.

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