What weird stuff does your dog do?

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  1. my dog has two food bowls. one in the kitchen and one in the living room. but he refuses to eat out of the kitchen one and will bark until you put some dog food on the floor near his bowl. and only then will he eat it. wtf. lol
  2. I had a dog that would literally chase her shadow on the wall for hours, she wore a track in the carpet where she always ran back and forth. She was always trying to find the shadow dog, she would even run in the room behind the wall her shadow was on to catch it.
  3. My dog has his food bowl in the kitchen, but he will take a tiny piece of food from the bowl, run to the living room with it in his mouth, drop it and then pick it up and eat it, and then run back to his food bowl and repeat the process until the food is gone.
  4. My dog will lay on his back on the carpet with his legs and arms sticking straight up and growl and shake his ass like a worm. Lol

    Also if you sit next to him and start petting him then stop hell whine until you pet him again, and if you stop he does it again.
  5. My dog refuses to eat out of the trash. One time i was low on dog food and there was styrophome plate with a chicken bone on it on top of the trash so i put it in his bowl i know kinda gross but he is a dog he eats live animals and i sware to god he picked it up put it on the floor and refused to touch it
  6. [quote name='"sumisu"']My dog has his food bowl in the kitchen, but he will take a tiny piece of food from the bowl, run to the living room with it in his mouth, drop it and then pick it up and eat it, and then run back to his food bowl and repeat the process until the food is gone.[/quote]

    My dog is the same
  7. Barking at hot air balloons.

  8. You do know you have to be careful with chicken bones because dogs WILL chew on them and choke, right? :(

    I have two wolves and they are crazy mother fuckers.

    One of them will kind of growl/howl at you trying to talk to you and will actually keep doing it if you talk to her.

    They will chase and kill pretty much any small animal, they even broke threw the fence and killed my neighbors bunnies and proceeded to tear them up in front of her while I was away. She was so terrified she just stood there in the window bawling and had to have our neighbor come and get them out of her backyard. Even he was terrified and was carrying around a hammer to defend himself even though they are really sweet towards people (unless of course you go into my backyard without me hahah) Yet, they are completely afraid of only one of my cats. I mean they will straight up run away if they see her walking through the backyard. Pretty funny to watch actually.

    They also sit in the chairs at my table on my back porch like people whenever I smoke back there. But only when I'm smoking haha.

    Not really a weird trait, but they are super sneaky and clever and use a lot of teamwork. They've outsmarted me a few times.
  9. my dog bear won't eat out of his bowl until someone else.. preferably one of my other dogs is in the room. he will be starving and have an entire bowl full but he will not eat it until someone watches him eating it. my other dogs are picking up on this trait.

  10. How do you own wolves? They attacked a neighbors pet and didn't get put down? Where are you from?

  11. I got them from a breeder, and continue to care for them. Dogs kill things, it's as simple as that. Do you honestly think a dog is going to be put down for killing a bunny, when it is their natural instinct? Thats the same as putting down a cat for catching a bird or a mouse. We would have different laws for owning pets if they were to get put down for natural instincts. It's kind of silly that you would even think they would get put down for killing a bunny. :rolleyes: I live in California.

  12. Dogs aren't really allowed to just kill other people's pets.

    And a wolf is not a dog it's a wild animal. its a canid, but not a dog.

  13. They don't go around "killing people's pets". They broke through a really shitty fence and killed a bunny which was free range. My neighbors knew we had wolves, and definitely knew the fence was shitty as it was falling apart. It's just like your cat getting into the fish bowl, you can't blame them for natural instincts.

    They were bred and raised in captivity, they are NOT wild animals.
  14. So you would feel comfortable in a lion cage at a zoo?

    They are wild animals, and they can snap suddenly. They may not, but they aren't domesticated and they are wild. 1st gen in captivity is still wild.

    The fact that you called it captivity demonstrates my point. I don't say "my dog was raised in captivity" I say my dog was raised at home.

    Captivity means given the chance, they may very well bail out.

    Why are you keeping dangerous wild animals behind a shitty fence? That seemed like the responsible way to care for them?

    My dog doesn't chase rabbits in our own yard so..

    Im not hatin on you having wolves for pets. Im saying
    a. they are not domesticated, they are wild animals in captivity.
    b. they are not dogs.
    c. don't keep fuckin wolves behind a shitty fence (unless you mean the neighbors rabbit fence sucked, not your own)
    d. do you really think that a good neighborly situation involves terrified women and men scared shitless carrying a hammer to round up a couple wolves? what the fuck kind of community is that? If there were wolves in my neighborhood the police would come and shoot it (not that this is a superior way to handle it, just that entire situation you described is very different than where im from)
    e. no offense by these things :smoke:
  15. I would feel comfortable in a cage of lions given they had the appropriate training throughout their lives such as my dogs. oh wait wolves hah.

    First, you don't even know my dogs. You don't know the training they've been through, you don't even know their breed. You cannot make such assumptions about my dogs and call them dangerous. How do you even know they are 1st gen, when they are actually 5th, which is far from it. Oh wait, I forgot you know everything about my pets.

    What is wrong with me using the word captivity? Is there a problem with me using big words? By the way that is not the only use for captivity. Plus, don't you think with my shitty fence they would have ran away or went on a murder spree since they're so dangerous? It just seems like now you are turning everything I say and try to use it against me.

    My fence was broken when we first moved in and we were waiting for it to be fixed, but we had to wait for the landlord to do so. Until then we had it patched up but they were still able to knock it over. It is now fixed and there hasn't been any issues since. We had told our neighbors plenty of times that they should fix it on their side or at least put the bunnies up until then.

    There could be many reasons why your dog doesn't chase rabbits in your yard. It could be because of the training, was raised around rabbits, lazy, or even the breed of the dog. But I'm not going to get into why your dog doesn't chase rabbits and therefor mine are evil same with the rest of the dog population.

    My neighbor is a middle aged woman who is terrified of everything. She screams and runs inside if she sees a snake or a rat. My other neighbor is a crazy drunk and was just having one of his moments. It wasn't even anything out of the blue. I live in the country, the police aren't going to show up for a dog killing a rabbit and they definitely wouldn't shoot it unless it was an actual threat or had rabies.

    I did take offense to your posts, you have never even seen a picture of my dogs. You have no right to judge them or call them dangerous, let alone call me out on my dogs and my ownership.
  16. Hump the shit out of my friends to the point where they don't want to come back.
  17. My dog sometimes crawls into the washingmachine when I opened it and got the clothes out, and he just lays in there like some kind of hamster..

    and I don't even have a dog, weird right? :laughing:
  18. My dog does laps. He also shakes before you ask him to if you have food lol.
  19. My dog can swim with his noes under water.
  20. My dog like shoves her face into people's crotches and just pushes into them . Especially other girls.

    Also she sleeps like weird upside down shit with her legs up against the wall

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