What weird random objects have you made a pipe with?

Discussion in 'General' started by _Salty_, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. i made a damn fine chillum out of a baby carrot once
  2. FEED ME!!

    I havent made anything special for smoking, just tin cans, gravity with a bucket, and water bottles but i do have a funny story about a guy making a bottle bong, wanna hear it? here i go.
    My sophomore year in college there was this douche that lived on my hall in the dorms. he was an asshole, had no friends and since i had an "open door" policy(i hated having my door closed in a single, felt so shut off from the world) he'd pop in all the time and bother me. one night he comes in asking if i had a water bottle to make into a bong and smoke out of. i kept telling him no, and that he couldnt smoke in my room cause smoking in the dorms was dumb, just not worth the risk ya know? when u could easily walk 10 feet into the woods and smoke a J. anyway, eventually i tell him if i give him a bottle he needs to go away, i had shit to do. so i go into my trash and get this old gatorade bottle. he takes it and leaves. about an hour later... i realize i gave him a bottle i spooged in the night before. yeah thats right, i splooged in a bottle cause i didnt wanna make a mess. but the point is...this guy got what he deserved. for being a douche.
  3. you do know its easier to just skip over and go to the next post. last i knew this isnt english class.
  4. thats amazing, he also happens to be on my "people I want to meet" section on myspace
  5. YES! God damnit Im like in love with that musical

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