What weird random objects have you made a pipe with?

Discussion in 'General' started by _Salty_, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. One time I had just bough an eighth and I had no piece and all my friends werent around so I was in my car and I found a straw, an energy drink can, a half full gatorade bottle, super glue and a kife. cut some of the can out and made a bowl, super glued it to the straw and made a hole in the gatorade bottle and used the leftover gatorade as bong water, ta da. and it worked really well
  2. made a chillium out of a stick that i hollowed out once for shits and giggles
  3. cardboard tubes make powerful steam rollers
  4. Never really used anything for a pipe except for aluminum foil when I didn't have one.

    But I've made bongs out of milk cartons, flouride bottles (these work like magic, try it), vases and a vodka bottle.
  5. A friend and I carved out my sister barbie hehe lasted for a while until the plastice fumes goy too intense.
  6. a can of dip, a tube from a pen and the aluminum stuff from a tealight

    and of course, duct tape
  7. god damn... wow haha
  8. made a bong out of tic tac container with a bowl from a metal pipe. a little bong out of a pomagranet bottle nd a sneak a toke nd a bic pen. a pipe out of a film canister nd foil a long time ago. i made a ash catcher out of a baby food jar with a glass slide nd stem. i also made a removable ice catcher out of the top of a pop bottle. nd i have a home made 8 person hooka out of a liquid chiller for chilling down food at resturants
  9. The sickest piece that I ever made was when I took a big container and then put it into the freezer so that it was frozen really thick, but still hollow on the inside. I took a drill and drill a hole for a slide and a big mouth hole.

    Basically, it was really, really cold, haha, but it melted pretty quick and got slippery. It felt kind of like an ice luge and was pretty much awesome.
  10. ok I know this is unrelated, but your user name is rickmoranis and I just be happening to be listening to the little shop of horrors sound track
  11. ive made plenty out of foil, and the all time classic apple many a time
  12. i made a good one hitter out of a thick snowball.its works perfect and tastes awesome but it melts so fast you can only pact a hit in there.
  13. A potato and some aluminum foil.

    EDIT: I usually used an apple before I had a real pipe, but the potato was the most random.

  14. why do people type like this, u cant type one more letter to make the word actually "and" instead of "nd" which looks retarded and makes me feel like im reading something a five year old wrote
  15. a potato.

    i wouldnt recommend it.

    edit: oh fuck i thought i was original but hilikus got there first! hahah
  16. english 101
  17. ok just the other day i made a bong out of a 2 litter bottle and tin foil.
    cut holes put bowl in, put water in, crushed some of it so its easier to hit and BOOM it work
  18. ive made a gravity bong from a 2 liter and two screwable caps wrapped in tinfoil

    a waterfall bong from a waterbottle with the same bowl as the gravity bong.

    i made a chillum out of a plastic highlighter and a 5/8 socket.

    i used the same chillum from above to make a bong out of a turkey baster, i used the chillum as a downtube and the socket as the bowl.

  19. Hahaha that's hilarious. Shit like that happens a lot. Everyone calls me rick because I resemble him. It's kind of ridiculous.
  20. I used a tupperware box one time... Just melted a hole in the lid and another in the back, threw in a little water to help and packed bowls in my trumpet mouthpiece... Ehh I really wanted to blaze.

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