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What Weight Do You Expect For 1/8 Uk People.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Komatic, May 30, 2013.

  1. As the title says, how much do your 1/8ths weigh?
    Would you buy a an eight that is 1g?
    Of quality non dense crystal bud just like you would get in the coffee shops?
    - Komatic 

  2. I would expect it to weigh an eighth of an ounce. As per it's name.
  3. an 8th means an 8th of a ounce, it shouldn't weigh any more or less than 3.5 grams.... so if you buy an 8th that's 1 gram you're dealer is either ripping you off.
  4. I'm from the US but it should be 3.5. An eighth is an eighth..
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    a 1/8 weighs 3.5, all kinds from "DANK" too you're shitty brick weed.
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    LMAO this thread needs a Bill Cosby "What tha faq?" meme
  7. Thats weird my ex was from the uk and she said the 1/8ths out there are like 3gs....kinda like an oz is 28 grams these days....ppl trying to.rewrite math all of the sudden lol.

  8. i'd expect 3.5g. but an eight, in england at least, sometimes refers to £20 worth of weed so weights can vary slightly depending on the quality. e.g. i sometimes buy a tai/blueberry cross which is sold as an "eighth" but you get 4.5g 
    Well guys, In the UK 8ths are refered to as 1gram - 1.5gram.
    That is because it costs £20.
    Although OP, I get 1.8gram 8ths.
  10. but thats not an 1/8th...its math you cant make up shit just to make up 1/8 is an 1/8 of an ounce, not no "it costs 20" bullshit....
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    I'm from the UK, and my eighths are never less than 3g. And depending on the weed; costs between £20 and £30.
    When the name of the unit itself is based on an amount then it's the cost that should change with quality, not the weight.
    I'd rather have a fixed weight and pay an extra fiver for some pukka than continue to pay £20 for an "Eighth" that weighs 2g. Since when was an ounce 16g? And what gives dealers the right to rewrite maths?
    I wish we could get just one English person to explain to those of us from the rest of the globe, how they departed from one eighth of an ounce, and arrived at the conclusion that an "8th" means any darn thing a dealer wants it to mean. :p
      (Like soapbar hash, the 'Variable English Eighth' started as a scam, capitalizing on customers who didn't know any better, and it rapidly grew from there.)
      Not all English providers function that way, some do work within the normal system of weight and are honest about what they're selling. Those are the guys you should be buying from... personally, I'd avoid buying from a system that specifically capitalizes on customers not knowing what they're getting with every single purchase they make. :p
     Twenty dollars isn't even an 8th of one-hundred, it's 1/5....  folks over there should really be calling these things 1/5ths or fifths, if the '8' is really in reference to the dollar value, and not to the herb. :p
  13. i lived in uk all my life and never received less than 3.5 as an 1/8....
    get new connects guys.
  14. dealers who sell 1.5gram 8ths dont usually sell higher quantities than that. Its because they buy from the "real" dealers, who sell Qs Halves and Os.
    How many grams are in a Z and Bar?
    How much does it cost. Im thinking about ordering big from now on. 
  16. This thread... wow!
  17. It always used to be £20 for an eighth (3.5g), but inflation caused costs to go up but the small baggy continues to be known as an eighth, no idea why.. Kids eh

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  18. Jesus, you brits are drinking too much ale...
    1/8 is always 3.5
    and if your dealer won't sell over 1.5 at a time, he's a bonafide scam artist. 5's 10's and 15's are the most profitable sales you can make. The more you buy, the more you get, thus making it cheaper. If they don't want you doing that, then they're in it for the money, and not for the love of spreading the herb.
  19. Im with this guy.. i miss my troy ounce bags.. although now the shoe is on the other foot, i happily weigh my bags to 28. lol
    Are you implying that an ounce was not 28 grams at one point...?

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